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World Cup Kickoff – Opening Day Predictions and Specials

The four year wait is almost over as the 2010 World Cup is just two days away from the kickoff down in South Africa. It seems you can’t walk down the street without seeing a flag, or a footballing promotion pasted onto a shop window. The Bookmakers have also latched onto the occasion, as expected, with some fantastic offers around.


The competition kicks off with the hosts South Africa, playing a skillful Mexico side. On paper this all swings in Mexico’s favor, but the home side will have some amazing support on this opening day and Mexico could also find themselves succumbing to the high altitudes – against the side possibly best equipped to play in those conditions. My main tip would be a Lay on Mexico as the sure-fire bet. I think South Africa may struggle to win here though so I would opt for a 1-1 Draw.

Uruguay and France play later in the evening. France will be the favorites by far but I think this World Cup will prove disastrous for them and they could easily crash out in the group stage. Again, I would opt for a Lay on France, or alternatively, split the bets between a Uruguay win and a Draw if you don’t play the exchanges.

There are three games played on the second day of the competition with USA v England perhaps being the big one for the majority of the readers of this article. Despite that, I really don’t think there is any money here as I can’t see beyond an England win and the odds of that are too small to bother. The same goes for Argentina v Nigeria. This is sure to go to the Argentines with Messi looking to show the world his skills in his opening game.

South Korea v Greece is the game that grabs my attention on the second day as Greece are the favorites to win in a game that I think Korea will dominate. A Lay on Greece is a safe option, but I really think the win should be on the cards for South Korea here and they should come in at around 2/1 or more for that. This is the best bet of the opening two days for me and therefore has to be my pick of the lot, so get your money on a South Korea win.


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