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World Cup: The Holland And Spain Final – Preview And Predictions

The World Cup Final is nearly upon us as the first African World Cup comes to a close with a tough match between Holland and Spain, neither of which have won a World Cup before.

Both teams have done well to get this far but both have adopted a similar style of play, which has seen them scraping wins and getting the job done with little flair or style. Holland will complete a 100% winning record in this tournament if they take this title while Spain have an opening day defeat against Switzerland next to their name.

Spain were the favorites from day one whilst Holland, typical tournament Dark Horses, worked their way onto many pundits slips after some fine displays; most notably against Brazil. This will be a close game but the odds are heavily in favor of Spain here with the price as short as 11/10 for them and Holland down at a tasty 11/4.

Personally I think Holland will overcome the slight underdog status to win their first World Cup. I was lucky enough to back them outright at 17/2 before their crucial, and defining, clash with Brazil, so I will be cheering them on here.

For anyone else looking to bet, keep in mind that this game will be close. Neither teams have really expressed dominance in any of their games and both will be happy to adopt a ‘smash and grab’ approach here. Spain are the better side with the ball at their feet, comfortable passing it around, and they also have the tournament’s star striker in David Villa, whilst Holland will be looking to star winger Robben to provide width whilst Sneijder and Kuyt will also threaten from midfield.

Both of these teams will look to get any advantage over each other which will include a lot of simulation and overacting. It isn’t pleasant but it can change the tide of any game and they will know that, but news that Howard Webb will be referring the game could put a stop to that. He has had plenty of English Premiership experience and understands a heavier contact game than is played in the Spanish leagues (where most of the Spanish team play). Van Persie, Robben and Kuyt have all had Premiership experience so they could find themselves better suited to this. So if one side is going to get frustrated that they aren’t being given the fouls they want, my money will be on Spain and that frustration can easily lead to crunching tackles and resulting reds.

What will happen to David Villa first: Receive a card – expecting a dive in search of a penalty – at a very healthy 7/1

Howard Webb specials:

  • Any Player To Be Booked For Simulation – 4/1
  • A Red Card To Be Shown – 5/2
  • Time Of First Goal – 20 – 29.59 Minutes – 11/2

Outrights, courtesy of Sky Bet

  • Holland To Win – 11/4
  • Under 2.5 Goals – 1/2

Good luck with whatever you decide to play and with whomever you are supporting. The game is played on Sunday and follows the Germany v Uruguay third place playoff game which is played on Saturday.

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