Usain Bolt Retains Crown as King of Sprinting in Rio Olympics

Usain Bolt Did it Again

Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt has proven to be the fastest man in the world, again. He won the 100 meters in 9.81 seconds at the Rio Olympics on Sunday.

The Jamaican sprinter’s victory has made him the greatest sprinter of all time and he is the first Olympic sprinter to win three successive 100-meter gold medals.

His main rival in the race, Justin Gatlin of the United States, the 2004 Olympic champion took the silver medal in 9.89 seconds. Andre de Grasse of Canada won the bronze in 9.91 seconds.

The Winning Moment

The Jamaican sprinter was confident of winning the race. During the introduction, Bolt signaled before the crowd that he was No. 1. He pointed his index finger as the crowd chanted his name and cheered for him.

Usain Bolt wins gold again in Rio.
Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is smiling after winning the 100 meter race at Rio Games.

The winning moment was as fast as the sprinting Usain Bolt. The New York Times report says as Bolt ran down Gatlin in the final meters, he pounded his chest.

The 29-year old sprinter then blew kisses to the crowd and carried a toy Olympic mascot around the track, giving it away as a souvenir.

The 6-foot-5 sprinter made the crowd cheer for him even more as he struck his signature pose, known as To Di World. He cocked an elbow and pointed his fingers toward the sky, as if launching an arrow or a lightning bolt.

Many speculated the Jamaican sprinter will win a third straight gold medal at 200 meters as well as in the 4×100-meter relay for team Jamaica.

Bolt Retiring Soon?

Many speculated the Summer Olympics in Rio will be Bolt’s last. The Jamaican sprinter has been vocal about his farewell to the Olympic games. He will turn 30 next Sunday as the Rio Games come to an end.

The news made glaring headlines, saying that Bolt will retire next year after the world track and field championships in London. The great sprinter still has an ultimate goal to take his world record of 19.19 seconds at 200 meters below the 19-second barrier.

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