Simple Sports Activities Can Be As Energizing As Organized Sport

Over the past few decades, as people have become more sedentary and more sugar has been added to our food, we have become more unhealthy. As one way to counter this serious problem, greater participation in sports is being encouraged.

The sports industry is being given opportunities to evolve each year with new interest developing. Some sports don’t need a big team or a lot of organization. In fact many sporting activities only need one or two people. Here are six of my favorites.

Ping Pong

Having a ping pong table at the gym or at home is an incredible way to maintain physical fitness and for 2 to 4 players to enjoy a brilliant, competitive sport all at once.

Other than at home, a ping pong table is commonly found in sports centers and many other recreational spots. Seniors up to the age of 90 years in Saskatoon, Canada, play ping pong to help their hearts and keep their health intact.


Cycling has been popular for a long time. Avid cyclists make it a part of their daily routine to do laps early in the morning and some ride to work. More so, kids find it to be a great activity, cycling in their backyard. For those people who want to cycle for the sake of maintaining health, the trend of indoor cycling is on the rise. In Copenhagen, Denmark, cycling is so common that there are actually laws for two-wheeled traffic jams.


Playing snooker with friends is a very common way of hanging out and keeps the environment lively and everyone occupied. Snooker enthusiasts arrange nightly tournaments at their residence, in clubs or less often now, snooker halls. The trend of having a billiard table in family game rooms has been popular over the years.


When you absolutely love football but you do not have the kind of space, time or people to play it, foosball is your rescuer. Foosball has taken over game zones by storm, and the tables come in various quality and sizes to cater to the will of all playing ages. Business Wire, a London-based research company, has said that there is an expected increase in the global foosball equipment market by 3% by 2021. Their sales are also increasing online.

Badminton Rackets

Badminton is a very easy game to set up because there is no specific huge court or area needed to play it; you just need a net and sometimes not even that to enjoy a good game of badminton! In addition, standard badminton equipment can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Badminton is also a common recreational activity in schools which are not based on a very large area of land. In India, marketers have noted the increase in sale of badminton rackets ahead of the opening of schools.


A basketball hoop is excellent for you to become your own personal NBA superstar. Apart from the standard hoop that can be drilled into a wall, there are now portable hoops which can be moved around and set wherever you need them. Playing basketball with a hoop does not even require a lot of space, so shoot away.

These are some of my favorite home sports, helping me to stay healthy and keeping me happy at the same time.