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One Super Bowl Ad Shines Above The Rest


Hype From Super Bowl Ads

Fancy ‘fluff’ is typical for most of today’s commercials. But some have a deeper meaning than one realizes. Many, were in a Super Bowl commercials, of all places. Some are funny, some are weird, and some are simply ‘harder-hitting’ than you expect. The last few Super Bowl ads were no exception.

On 2/3/13, John Neff posted two very successful ads in Chrysler’s previous two Super Bowl commercials. [Imported from Detroit] and [Halftime in America] were the two commercials shown, but received none of the hype of the following ones.

Budweiser Steps In

Recent segments-a 2013 add with a Budweiser colt-an offspring of Clydesdales, was posted. The price for a 30-second ad this year is averaging between $3.7-3.8 million (Ad Age).

During Super Bowl XLVII, Chrysler showed two commercials for Jeep. One for Ram. Two-minutes long, the Jeep commercial, “Whole Again,” narrated by Oprah Winfrey, expressed major admiration for all the armed-forces in America. It depicted their job, and what they have accomplished. The other, called “Farmer” [Dodge Ram Trucks] celebrated God and the American farmer.

Check out one of AB InBev’s Super Bowl ads.

The Ram commercial gave strength to America’s agricultural backbone.

American Farmer

Its soundtrack had a speech by [Paul Harvey – So God Made A Farmer – YouTube], and hit ‘home’ when the famous radio broadcaster was heard. The images were on farming, and people doing it for a living. Amazingly, one never noticed the ‘Ram’ truck until the very last scene. The power of a well-done commercial can be amazing.

But ‘lo’ and ‘behold,’ Guinness Beer comes out with a commercial that did more than ‘knock your socks off.’ Whoever heard of a beer, from a little-known beer company, with no scantily-clad women, or even a horse or two involved? The commercial’s only 60 seconds long, but will leave you almost weeping at the end.

Advertisers are not usually given free promotions, but this [Surprising Guinness Commercial Will Make Your Heart Melt (VIDEO)]. This ad [Created by BBDO New York], features a group of basketball players-but has an unexpected end.

Guinness Outdoes The Best

This short film-clip starts off with a group of muscular men playing an intense game of basketball in a deserted gym. This games looks like it’s for ‘keeps,’ but every player is in a wheelchair.

You hear the narrator say: ‘The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.’ Heads get banged. Wheelchairs and bodies hit the floor-sideways. But in the end, everyone gets up, and are quite happy. That is, everyone walks away, except for one guy in the middle, who has to stay in his wheelchair, because he can’t get out.

After the game, they all meet at a local pub, and enjoy a round of Guinness Beer-of course. Unmatched camaraderie usually never seen. For one guy, all the rest donned wheelchairs so they could play a pick-up basketball game with a friend who was handicapped.

This is definitely not your [average beer commercial. The author can relate for obvious reasons.

A former Chemical Engineer, Kevin Roeten enjoys riding the third rail of journalism: politics and religion. He is a Guest Columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Independent (Ohio), writes for numerous blogs, is an amateur astronomer, and delves into scientific topics.

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