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MMA Rule Proposal Limits Injuries

A mixed martial arts fighter suffers a traumatic brain injury in almost a third of professional bouts. This rate is far more relative than the rate of such injuries in hockey, football or even boxing. Concussions have become a hot topic in hockey and football, as evidence mounts of their potentially debilitating long-term impact, but received relatively little attention in MMA.

In barely a couple of decades, MMA has won a wide following in numerous countries, with one marketing company last year estimating its worldwide audience to be 300 million people.

Fighters are allowed to kick and punch, as well as employ wrestling-like techniques on the ground in bouts often conducted inside a chain-link-fence “octagon.”

Despite its popularity, the sport has long faced criticism, with several medical associations calling for its banning. One of the main reasons for the concern is the concept of a knocked out person rendered unable to defend themselves, but repeatedly getting multiple strikes to their head. That’s probably not good for one’s health.

Researchers and historians alike are suggesting banning the growing sport among young people, and instituting rules at the pro level that limit action after a competitor is downed, much like the 10-second count in boxing. Would this limit these head injuries? Is this a good start to prolonging the health of MMA fighters?

Jake Shannon, founder of Scientific Wrestling, explains how Catch Wrestling is the basis of all submissions and has risen to the top of the mixed martial arts heap as one of the disciplines critical to the success of every fighter. As these sports continue to perform at high levels, the concern for head injuries will always be a hot topic. If this is the case, limiting the head injuries will be the key to giving the audience a prolonged level of MMA excitement.

Jake Shannon has single handedly resurrected one of the world’s lost arts of grappling through his crusade of Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling. He has breathed new life into one of the toughest styles of grappling, an art that has unfortunately been forgotten. Jake has had the honor to work with many greats along the way including, but not limited to, Billy Robinson, Wade Schalles and Frank Shamrock. He is an inventor of the innovative piece of fitness equipment called the “Maceball” and a pioneer of the art of scientific wrestling!

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Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.

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