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James Moore: Earned his Shamrock at the Garden

A determined Moore.
A determined Moore.

On March 15, 2008, at the WaMu Theatre in Madison Square Garden,James Moore battled Juan Carlos Candelo for 10 rounds packed with action.

A determined Moore

For the first two rounds, Moore kept the upper hand. He dominated in general with skillful boxing, often punching through Juan’s gloves with either hand. He moved about slipping in combinations, solid to Juan’s head and body, then disappearing. Juan scored, but clearly this holiday did not look good for him. But in the third round, Juan scored with a devastating uppercut that could have launched the space shuttle. Moore survived and stood his ground, but now New Yorkers could expect a real treat.

Juan gets in a lick

While Moore continued to build a lead through rounds 5, 6 and 7, scoring with excellent placements of lefts and rights between and around Juan’s gloves, Juan not only took incredible blows, but managed to get some counter-play and score himself, including uppercuts, which worked best against Moore.

James Moore seeing green

Though the 8th round’s pace slowed a bit along with even trading, the 9th took off again with Moore back to boxing, that is striking and moving off. Juan again shrugged off blows and while impressive, there are no points gained for taking hits. During the 10th round, Juan, down on points, went all-out, to take Moore-out. But James held on, sometimes scoring and sometimes literally holding on to Juan to keep him from turning a loss into a last round knockout.

Juan lost the match, but his fiancee Tara Delafuente is still sweet smiles.

One incredible fight, the judges scored it 97-92, 97-93 and 95-94, a Unanimous Decision for James Moore.

And on this green holiday, Michele lets a little sunshine, smile on this writer.

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