Embracing Your Inner Self With PRO

Human beings are differentiated not only by their outward appearances but also by their internal constituents. Each person has a different demeanor, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, and capabilities. Deeming one trait or talent to be superior and the only option to flourish is a flawed action at its core. One personality that goes against the social norms, inspires people to embrace their unique traits, and grooms them to succeed is Professor B. Dexterous.

Society has adopted the opinion that only a few methods and processes are deemed worthy and appropriate to progress in life. It has become a widespread opinion that only a few professions enable people to climb the ladders of success. If a person is not pursuing those professions, they are doomed to fail. Similarly, there are ways and methods of living one’s life deemed appropriate and accepted by society. Any person who strays from these unwritten by-laws is considered an outlaw or, in worst cases, even shunned from society.

Professor B. Dexterous

Professor B. Dexterous, known as Pro, in the library.
Professor B. Dexterous, known as Pro, in the library.

Professor B. Dexterous, commonly referred to as PRO by his peers, is a person who has been through all walks of life and wants to help people understand that it is perfectly okay to be yourself. Professor B. Dexterous is a flourishing prizefighting commentator and social media influencer with a lofty goal in mind. B. Dexterous is a decorated U.S Air Force veteran and highly accomplished in the fields of boxing coaching and medical sciences.

He was awarded many times over during his military enlistment for exceptional performance. Some of his notable awards were the United States Air Force Personnel Specialist of the Year and the Airman Leadership School John L. Levitow Award. During his time in the military, he traveled across the nation and experienced the many different societies that were present in the country. Through all his travels in his service, he found one similarity in all the other places and people. There was a trend that society would push their ideals on to individuals and force them to kill their inner spirit and be molded according to what society thinks is right.

After Military Service

After completing his service, B. Dexterous, influenced by his time in the military, decided to opt for a field that would help him serve his fellow man. With this in mind, he graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with high honors. His hard work for the betterment of others soon started to gain recognition in the medical field. B. Dexterous, in his medical career, had trained many physicians in digital imaging optimization principles and instrumentation. Recognizing his leadership skills, extraordinary expertise, and drive to serve, he was made the first black Chairman of a General Diagnostic Medical Sonography Department in Arkansas state history.

Dexterous’ love for boxing got him so engrossed that he started unconsciously researching the sport and how he could become a part of it. He was a confident and well-spoken person from the beginning, which made commentary the option for him to enter the world of prizefighting.

The Inner Self

As he is happily married with four children, his children were the reason for his efforts like any other father. While thinking about his children, he imagined a world where they would not be able to be all they want or express themselves. If he were to let things be, he would contribute to the flawed logic the world has adopted. Things were easy for him after that. He entered the world of prizefighting and never looked back.

Dexterous has gained notable fame through his boxing career, which he utilized to get his message out to his audience. As quoted by the man himself, his purpose in life is to Generate Light Outwardly from Within (GLOW). He wants to empower people to find their path in life rather than forcing themselves onto one that was predefined by society. He thinks every person is unique in their own way and has the potential to accomplish great things if they groom their personal traits rather than trying to conform to the standards of others.

Professor B. Dexterous, known as PRO, focus on the inner self
Professor B. Dexterous, known as Pro.
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