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Why President Barack Obama Changed Plans On His SW Florida Tour

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama


This is a behind-the-scenes “interview” given by Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker concerning the July 20, 2012 visit of President Barack Obama to SW Florida. The police chief’s comment, for security reasons, was held and then released after the president’s visit.

Original Campaign Tour Plan

The president, along with his entourage, visited Fort Myers, Florida as part of his 2012 Campaign Tour. He spoke at the Harborside Event Center in downtown Fort Myers (see home video footage below)and was to tour Orlando next.

Tragedy in Aurora

President Barack Obama

Due to the violent shooting tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, though, the president’s plans changed.

Plans Changed

Not only were the president’s plans changed, but some of the area’s local businesses had to cancel some of their “entertainment” ideas in honoring the president. Ford’s Garage was one of them, as they had created a special hamburger just for President Obama.

Instead, the president gave a short and personal message in Fort Myers and then flew directly back to the White House to make plans concerning Aurora.

In addition, visiting Orlando, as part of the president’s tour, was cancelled.

Local Police Security

While in Fort Myers, however, the president’s own security was supplemented by the Fort Myers Police Department.

Police Chief Doug Baker was kind enough to share a bit about his and the department’s experience helping to protect the president. Baker got to meet and chat with the president as well.

Comment by Police Chief Doug Baker

Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker

“This [President Obama’s visit/tour] was good for Southwest Florida.

Southwest Florida is extremely fortunate that such a team was able to put together, at short notice, a plan to keep the president safe.

A lot of people are involved in something like this, and they sure came together today. Actually this team always works together well. There are no egos.

In this case, the department came together to protect a dignitary.” – Doug Baker

Thank you, Officer Baker, for sharing with News Blaze.

Thanks also goes to all who were responsible for helping to protect this country’s Commander in Chief.

Ford’s Garage Names Presidential Burger

Take note, in addition to President Obama having his own hamburger at Ford’s Garage, apparently there is also a burger on the menu named after Doug Baker!

Home Footage Taken Before and After Obama’s Visit

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