Why Hillary Clinton Lost the U.S. Presidential Election

Investigative Journalist and Writer / Producer Bruce Edwin has spoken with some of the most rich and powerful people in the world. He has been credentialed through The Office of the President of the United States to report on events from the White House and on certain news concerning President Obama for numerous years. He was recently asked on the site Quora, Why Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidential Election. The following is his answer – in full.

Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose the Presidential Election?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

1, She did not campaign enough state by state, and did not do enough activity online.

2, She did not carry out her grassroots campaign effort aggressively enough. For example, when Hillary volunteers would call on voters to vote, they would generally call from their blocked cell phone numbers, and not leave messages – wasting time, and wasting phone calls.

3, She did not gain and keep enough trust. Many Americans simply do not like or trust the Clintons, due to their Whitewater scandal, Hillary’s documented lies in front of Congress with the e-mail scandal, Clinton Foundation fraud charges, etc.

4, She was not honest enough fast enough about her health, when she got sick, which the alt right and Republicans jumped on, calling her sickly and weak, undermining her power.

5, Many argued that she did not sound as sincere, compared to Trump. Many claimed that she sounded too scripted and polished during many parts of her debates.

6, Many argued that she did not condemn past acts done by her husband enough when raised, whereby Bill was caught cheating in the White House, and she was viewed by many as attacking those women, which did not go over well with many – including many conservative women. This made her seem hypocritical with voters.

7, She had no winning political slogan. Everyone remembers Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” But even Bill Clinton reportedly mis-quoted Hillary’s slogan of “Stronger Together.” Her later tagline of “I’m with Her” was weak, and her later line used “Love Trumps Hate” – which I came up with long before it was used in the campaign, though did not provide to the DNC – was good, but was not used soon enough.

8, She had no single key selling point for the American people that was strong enough, whereas Trump did. Trump had “build that wall!” which proved his position against the perceived influx of illegal immigration costing American jobs and posing a risk with terrorism. Hillary had no comparable powerful selling point that voters could remember as easily, that was as passionate. Many Americans were angry over jobs being shipped overseas, and terrorism on American soil – which they blamed on weak immigration laws. Trump was seen as an opponent to that, and Hillary – a defender.

Hillary argued that current immigration laws were working, and that vetting worked, when recently on September 19th, mainstream news reported that at least 800 illegal immigrants were accidentally granted citizenship to the U.S. that were supposed to be deported, due to an error by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) which reportedly did not have their fingerprints on file. Trump raised this point which added fuel to the already powerful ‘hot button’ of illegal immigration.

EdgarCayce9, She did not appeal enough to the male voter. She appealed to many feminists, but did not sell herself enough on how she would be good for the average American male.

a) She did not appeal enough to black voters, including many who heard the news clip of her calling black males ‘super predators.’ Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan strongly condemned her to over 50,000 members as well as to many thousands online, calling her racist, and a hypocrite who was continuing the policy of Obama who he claimed had done nothing to help the black race in America. Farrakhan even did an interview on Alt Right News site Info Wars with Alex Jones – who Trump also did an interview with – reporting to Alex Jones that he agreed with Trump about a stronger vetting and immigration policy, noting that America should not let in to America people that hate our country, and that America’s policy had created such new rising hatred among certain Muslims.

b) She did not appeal to enough of the conservative Christian voter base of males or females, advocating for late term abortions, which many conservatives are against, and consider murder.

10, She underestimated the size and power of her enemies. There were (according to my sources) over 100 high ranking FBI agents who did not want her in office, as well as many other members of the DOJ, Homeland Security, and other high ranking officials which greatly hurt her, including, but not limited to Comey’s strategic dual reports of opening investigations into her potential illegal acts of her e-mail server, and more.

11, She underestimated the power of the internet and the so called alt-right, led by sites including Alex Jones, and Brietbart, and assisted by hackers including Guccifer, and hacker distributor Wikileaks. The alt right considered that she was just an extension of Obama’s policies – but worse, linking her to the New World Order, globalist agenda of more open borders that they feared could cause more terrorism, and linked her to an ‘Open Society’ mindset propagated by one of her backers – George Soros, which they were against. She also underestimated the power of her own words coming back to haunt her on You Tube. These sites and leaks factually proved that Hillary Clinton said certain things;

a, She stated she was going to destroy Iran

b, She stated she was going to attack Russia as if they had attacked America with weapons, due to her claim of an alleged cyber attack – which many in government deny there was any proof of

c, She laughed over the political murder of Gaddafi

d, She laughed about getting a child rapist off free that she defended

e, She lied repeatedly to the press, government, and American people regarding the e-mail scandal

f, Her party committed illegal and / or unethical acts against Bernie Sanders. The DNC proved to be crooked, like Trump called Hillary. In May, DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall smeared Bernie Sanders, attacking him for being Jewish and for his religion – or lack therof, as shown through Wikileaks when Brad Marshall reportedly stated:

“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

With item (b). above, this was enough for many people to vote against Hillary, as they feared she would start WWIII, which even independent Green Party candidate Jill Stein stated, announcing that she was a more dangerous choice than Trump.

12, She perhaps wrongly trusted polls, and the media, which mostly stated repeatedly that she would win. Over 6 million Democrats did not turn out to vote, and over 45 million qualified voters did not vote. There was a very low turn out for black and female voters. Had the mainstream media not hammered the lie that Trump had no chance, more voters would probably have showed up to vote, which may have affected the results of the electoral college vote, which she lost. She allowed the media to perpetuate these lies about Trump’s lead and sure loss, without trying to correct them, play it more safe, and strongly encourage voters to get out there more and vote.

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