Why Democrats Avoid Confederate History While Republicans Embrace It

Governor Bob McDonnell made a proclamation to recognize April as Confederate History month, which caused an outcry from the very same people who are vilifying those attending tea parties as “terrorists.” These are citizens who are invoking the spirit of our founding fathers, reminding current lawmakers of the original intent of the Constitution and suggesting that an 8-year war to end tyranny and guarantee liberty for all should never be forgotten. But the left is always keen to distort history, or just ignore it all together as they want to do now, by denying a closer look at Confederate History.

It is not a huge surprise as to why Democrats react so viscerally to anything dealing with the history of the Civil War, the role of the Confederacy in that war, and why racism is still a hot topic in the country. It is because their very policies are at the heart of what caused the Civil War, and have kept racism alive to this day. They don’t want people to learn the truth about the founding of the Republican Party and that its first president was Abraham Lincoln, and that within 11 years of the founding of this “civil rights party,” a war was fought and won to end slavery. It would be a bigger surprise to see a Democrat governor proclaim a Confederate History month since their history, as it relates to race and slavery, is not one to be proud of.

Ironically though, it is one we are in the process of repeating with a party that has the same class distinction mentality declaring the government to be the plantation and the tax payers the slave to that system. They arrogantly ignored the cries of the people to oppose the Health Care bill that truly does strip freedom and choice from one class of citizens, exempting those who are elected officials and members of unions.

Republican Party Founded Specifically To Abolish Slavery

The war was fought to end such distinctions yet, the Democrats persist in dividing the nation between those who are worthy to receive and those who aren’t. They reject the idea that they should be held accountable to the same rules they pass, reflecting a true plantation mentality of the old Confederacy. To put a focus on the role of both parties during the Civil War, and the founding of the Confederacy, is to highlight the fact that the Republican party was founded specifically to abolish slavery and had six points in its first 9-plank platform that dealt with civil rights, equal rights, and voting rights for liberated slaves.

Democrats Respond With Violence

The Democrats left the union because the Republicans were drawing the line on the growth of slavery and even had one of its founders, Charles Sumner, almost killed over the issue. When the Republican Senator from Massachusetts was delivering a strong anti-slavery speech on the floor of the Senate, a pro-slavery Democratic congressman from South Carolina, Preston Brooks, came over from the house side and began beating Charles Sumner with his cane, putting Sumner out of commission for 3 years.

The first thing Sumner did when he returned to the senate was introduce another anti-slavery bill. The Republicans introduced and unanimously passed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, which were unanimously opposed by the Democrats. After losing the war, the Democrats proudly founded the KKK to target Republicans and take back the congress. At that time all blacks were Republican, in fact the first 23 blacks elected to congress were Republicans and 7 had been slaves.

The Republicans controlled almost all of the southern state legislatures and most of those were black. So when the terrorist arm of the Democrat party, the KKK, targeted “radical Republicans” for death, they could kill any black and be assured they were killing a Republican, but they had to be more careful when killing a white. So they produced a “hit card” with their names on the front and pictures on the back.

Jim Crow Laws Established By Democrats

Jim Crow laws were established by the Democrats to keep Republicans from voting at the polls because you could identify all blacks as Republicans. It was not whites keeping blacks from voting, it was Democrats keeping Republicans from voting. Move forward in history and look at all the governors and policies in the old confederacy and you will find a lot of racist Democrats who even closed down public schools rather than integrate them, like Gov. James Almond in Virginia.

So, when a Republican suggests that we take a month to look at the history of the Democrats’ role in racist history in America, he should be applauded for keeping the truth alive. Over 300,000 northern Republicans gave their lives to free the slaves in the Confederacy, even though the vast majority of those fighting in the south were merely protecting their “countries” from an invasion by the northern states. Even Robert E. Lee turned down the offer by Lincoln to lead the Union soldiers because he said he had to stay and protect “his country, Virginia.”

Freedom Versus Oppression

There are a lot of intricacies in the founding of the Confederacy that should be looked at, analyzed from a historic perspective and discussed with honesty. The history of the Confederacy is a black eye to the Democrat party and a point of honor, on a lot of levels for Republicans. To remember those battles, those victories, and those causes is why it is important to have a month to remind us of what happens when one group of people gain power and control over another group. It reminds us that we cannot allow ourselves to become slaves of an ever-expanding government that has turned a deaf ear to the cries of the taxpayers.

The vast majority of the country is opposed to a bill that will take away liberties and put the government in control of every aspect of our personal lives, even giving them access to bank accounts, and being able to fine or imprison if they don’t do what the government suggests. It is important to remember what the north did when they heard the cries of those enslaved by southern Democrats. We are hearing those same cries today all over the country from those determined not to become a slave of the state. It is about freedom vs. oppression, it is about self-determination vs. the total control of a state over the most personal, intimate details of our very existence. To remember the Confederacy and their desire to keep oppression alive, is to remind ourselves if we don’t learn from the mistakes of our past we are bound to repeat them.

So, you can be sure the Democrats, and those with a modern-day slave owning, big government control mentality, are going to scream the loudest at Governor McDonnell’s decision to allow a month to focus on how dangerous oppression, and denial of individual liberties can be. If Democrats are outraged by this because it appears to elevate the history of slavery they truly do not understand their history and the role their party has played in keeping slavery alive long past its expiration date. They have distorted history to the point where they don’t even correctly understand the reasoning for the 3/5ths clause in the Constitution.

The abolitionists insisted upon its insertion because slave owners wanted to count their slaves as full constituents even though they could not vote. By giving slaves a whole count in the census, it would have ensured that pro-slavery representatives would have controlled congress for many more years than they did. The Democrats who oppose focusing on the history of the Confederacy for a month will be forced to acknowledge that the Republican Party was founded in 1854 as a civil rights party, devoted specifically to the abolition of slavery. They will even have to stop telling young kids that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat, which is what young children are being taught about the great liberator.

Democrats kept racism alive long after the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, that they unanimously opposed, that emancipated the slaves, gave them equal rights and the right to vote

They will be forced to admit that they kept racism alive long after the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments that they unanimously opposed. These amendments emancipated the slaves, gave them equal rights and the right to vote.

It is no wonder that Democrat governors have shied away from having anything to do with the history of the Confederacy because that history shows which party truly was the racist party, and has kept racism alive long into the 21st century. It is a shame that the Republicans don’t even know their own history and continue to allow themselves to be intimidated and trapped in the stereotypical lie of the Democrats, painting them as the racists, when the opposite is true.

Democrat Oreo Violence Against Uncle Tom

There is no outcry when the true colors of a Democrat is exposed when they throw Oreo cookies at black Republicans, calling them Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas because they dare to leave the liberal plantation that has been erected for them. They are always given a pass because they have successfully rewritten history to the point of convincing black Americans that they were the liberators when just the opposite is true.

This is a discussion that needs to take place, and if setting aside a month to set the record straight, unravel the threads of racism in this country, and place the mantle of liberator back on the party that fought and died for it, then it is a good thing. For those who oppose it … it means they don’t want the truth to be told, and secretly support the racist past of the Democrat party.

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Nina May is the producer, director and writer of this film.

By Nina May