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Tuesday Not About Electing a President: Choosing Lesser of The Two Evils

romney and obama.
Romney and Obama.

When I head towards the polling station on Tuesday to cast my vote, I’ll be wondering about the lunacy of the entire process that brought out nothing but the intent of two people and their selected cohorts vying against each other in the pursuit of power with utmost greed, and lust.

When Tuesday finally fades, the two candidates would have amassed and squandered close to a billion dollars. To what end? Attempting in vain to prove each other as imbecile and incompetent, one casting his opponent as more sinister than devil, less American, less patriotic and even less human than himself?

The more we endured the barrage of political slandering, innuendos and lies over the past several months, the more it became apparent that both people and tools of politics have been reduced to pimps in the hands of politicians and their financiers.

We come to this point every four years and nothing seems to change much. What changes at all, is that every four years, we crawl further towards the imminent peril on all conceivable levels – political, social and moral. The 24/7 media puppets and stinking rich reality show honchos with unabashed and unhidden liberal or conservative agenda have become our guiding – or more appropriately – misguiding light.

No events of the likes of 9/11 or demons of Bin Laden or a superstorm called Sandy could ever break the true American Spirit. But the same cannot be said about the immense power of superPAC. They trample on the sense of freedom of the American people by shoving money bags down their throat in order to choke them.

Romney and Obama.

Capitalism has taken a new meaning and that is the true sword of Damocles that hangs over the head of everything that was once deemed noble and blessed in America.

Not very long ago, this land and its people exuded human decency, tolerance and acceptance, based on their deep-rooted belief in one God. Over the years, constant erosion and rapid decay of those endearing qualities has made us all hollow and egotistical. The very thought of how low we as a nation could stoop to in the next four years, tempts some of us to say adios to its shores.

To most, this Tuesday would be about electing/re-electing an American president. For some, it would be a choice of the lesser evil for the country.

May God save the United States.

When the local and global events prick his conscience, the freelancer within his alter ego forces him to lift the pen.

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