Trump #2 GOP Presidential Frontrunner Or Just Plain #2, in General

When you hear the name Donald Trump you think high priced real estate, gaudy super-sized hotels, the seedy glitz and glamour of Atlantic City, but President Trump? Eh, not so much!

There is a lot of ambiguity about Mr. Trump’s presidential aspirations. He certainly has the business chops and the wherewithal to take on the job, but is he really serious? Trump is known for a lot of things, gaudy tastes, exotic women; many would say shameless self-promotion is certainly one of his more glaring attributes.

Donald Trump has all the makings of a presidential candidate: very deep pockets, global name recognition and a great political catch phrase.

I am sure it is the two words Republicans across the country would love to hear him say to President Obama, “You’re Fired!”

Media fascinated by Donald Trump

The abrasive New York businessman recently has been making all the moves of someone pondering a White House run. He is granting interviews to the political press and giving speeches in Washington. Trump has even been dispatching aides to meet with the state Republican chairman in the presidential proving ground of Iowa.

So will, the ‘Donald’ a.k.a. the leader of the Trump global empire really attempt to become the leader of the free world? To be or not to be, that is the question many of us have been asking? speculates that, “It’s not that he needs fame. Trump already is one of the most well-known people on the planet. Rather, they said, flirting with an idea of a presidential campaign helps to burnish the Trump name, the foundation of his business.”

“The importance of that name is clear from his company’s Website, which promotes an expanding galaxy of Trump-named products from condominiums, casinos and golf courses, to chocolates, neckties, eyewear, tea and even a bottled water, Trump Ice. “Welcome to the World of Trump, the global super brand,” the Website proclaims.”

Trump’s “business is his own persona, and the brand he can build around that persona,” said Jacob Cohen, a senior strategist with the branding firm of Wolff Olin’s in New York.

Some celebrities are scoffing at the idea that Trump has serious intentions. According to, Bill Cosby recently made it known he is not a fan of Donald Trump and the rumors swirling about that he is “running for president’. Cosby slammed Trump early in April on the Today show, his comment is said to have stunned Meredith Vieira.

Mr. Cosby was supposed to talk about education, but the interview came screeching to a halt as it followed Meredith’s interview with Trump about his presidential musings.

Trump has been in the news a lot lately, whether talking about his desire to run for president, or with his “birtherism” talk, backing those who feel President Obama needs to show his birth certificate and prove American citizenship.

“Oh please with Donald Trump,” Bill told Meredith of the matter, via the Huffington Post. “Take him home with you.”

“Now why do you say that?” Meredith said. “Because he’s full of it,” Cosby responded. There was at least a three-second silence-an eternity in television. Then, Meredith softly asked, “Based on what?”

“Based on what I just heard,” he continued, chastising Donald for not announcing his intentions. “You run or you shut up… but the only thing he’s running with his mouth.”

As many of us New Yorkers are fond of saying, ‘Put up or shut up!’ To many it appears he is willing to do just that. In an article on, the “Billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump said he’s prepared to spend $600 million of his own money to run for president.”

Trump, who says he’ll decide by June whether to seek the GOP presidential nomination, told ABC’s Good Morning America that his high name recognition would probably save him “hundreds of millions of dollars” that other candidates would probably have to spend to “go all the way.”

“Part of the beauty of me is I’m very rich,” Trump said. “If I need $600 million, I could put up $600 million.”

The is suggesting that Trump’s record of bankruptcy in business may not make him the best candidate for president. Which is an opinion many may share of a businessman with bankruptcies under his belt putting himself out there to possibly become the next President of the U.S..

Trump was able to come back from the brink, go on and prosper after his bankruptcies occurred. The countries current state is very similar to the financial state Trump’s businesses were in. His experience of clawing his way back from bankruptcy may actually be considered a plus to voters. The U.S. federal budget is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Who knows, Trump may just have what it takes to bring the country back from the dead.

Russell W. Dickson, lives in upstate NY, and is a Freelance journalist. He has written for both print and online news/opinion pages.Russell holds a B.A. in English, minor Journalism from The University at Albany, Albany, NY. His writing experience spans more than a decade and his work has graced the pages of newspapers, magazines, online news orgs, and political websites in both the U.S. and abroad.