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Tighter and More Orderly Controls Placed on U.S. Refugee Numbers

Refugees in USA.

One of the least reported statistics by the liberal media concerns refugee numbers coming to the U.S. The number has been cut by half during the first three months of President Donald Trump’s presidency compared to the last three months of Barack Obama’s presidency, according to latest Department of Homeland Security statistics.

In the final months of Obama’s second term, more than 25,000 refugees were admitted. During Trump’s first quarter of 2017, approximately 13,000 were admitted. The majority of those refugees arrived from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and Myanmar, the report shows.

DHS statistics showed that more aliens became naturalized U.S. citizens during the fiscal year quarter after Trump took office than for the last three months of Obama’s presidency. That number will not be published in the liberal media.

Additionally, in Trump’s first quarter, 159,000 aliens became naturalized, while 106,000 were naturalized when Obama’s presidency ended his last quarter. Interestingly, a majority of the naturalized came from Mexico, India, the Philippines, China, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

President Trump called for a refugee ceiling when he took office. That set the limit at 50,000 compared to Obama’s ceiling of 110,000 refugees, according to The New York Post.

Refugees continue to be admitted to the U.S. The only difference is the numbers are being tightly controlled and stringent background checks are being put in place. According to the U.S. State Department, the United States is resettling 900 arrivals a week in order to meet the budget constraints.

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