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The Debate of Gay Marriage

The debate of Gay Marriage and whether or not it should be legal is still roaring. Nowhere in the constitution does it have any language around marriage and who can and cannot enter such union. The first Amendment says that the government shall not pass any laws respecting religion or prohibiting it. Therefore, I believe if religious institutions do not want to honor marriage between same sex individuals because THIER book says it is a sin, then so be it. Don’t marry them. However, the government should not make any laws based on religious beliefs.

The law that says, “Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman” was passed right under Bill Clinton’s nose. This law should have never been bought to debate, let alone voted on. Sure, the majority seems to think marriage should be between men and women, but if that majority is getting their belief through their religion then shouldn’t their vote NOT count; since their vote violates the first amendment?

I believe the federal government should make a decision based on equal rights, whether believers like it or not. I guess the deeper issue is politics; they want to keep their positions so they make silly laws and decisions based on the misinformed majority.

Lydia Pagan lives in Brooklyn, NY where she was raised. She has an extensive Business background with writing as her first love. Her interest in Politics, Business, and the human psyche began through her research for her writings.

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