The “Blip-Blip”-Hole Countries


Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, is disliked by many people, but loved by others. Those who do not like him will find any loophole to show their dislike; they will openly claim their dislike, share their feelings and often, score a point in their desire to either call for his impeachment or have him resign.

Politics is a very convoluted business, a profession that is attached to too much dishonesty and double standards and much narcissism and self-indulgence. All these questionable traits are cause and effect for the life of every citizen of a country, in this case the United States of America.

In a private meeting, which I did not attend, Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, was said to have used language which the politically correct ear cannot absorb. To those who want to see Mr. Trump leave office, it was music to their ears.

I was not in the room to be able to say, with confidence, that the President did or did not mutter those words. Others who were in the room did not hear him using/saying such words, while others who were in the room, said, with confidence, he indeed said so.

Whatever the case is, the Jewish issue was also brought into the mix. An article I read mentioned that Israel took in people from those, “—-hole” countries and they passed though the hoops, have remained and integrated.

For the past few days it is all I heard on radio and saw on the TV screen. They said President Trump used racist terms, profanity, and totally inappropriate language. I discussed all I heard and saw in my little head and came up with my own analysis. Forgive me if I cleared up the political correctness and used all the terms instead of using ‘blip-blip.’

To attempt to solve a problem, we must speak up and talk with a full mouth, not a mouth shielded by politically correct words.

How I See Things From Here

‘Shithole,’ ‘hellhole,’ ‘asshole’; what is the difference in the name calling for a place that is nothing but a very bad place from which people run away to the USA? This is a land where people are protected and have the freedom to say what they want and be who they are. Unfortunately way too many who come here do not become Americanized but bring their country into America.

Living in hellhole country
Living in hellhole country

Living in another hellhole country

Maybe the President could have used a softer tone so the music to the ears of the hypocrites would have sounded better. But the bottom line is, come-on people, the President was right in his description of those lands people escape from to come to the United States of America. The president is frustrated with those who are “politically correct,” for their own gain, the lawmakers’ crowd. If he actually said it, he used the RIGHT word, rather than the camouflaging term.

So as for President Trump’s ‘uncouth language,’ the always witty and erudite Roger Kimball had something to say. In ‘Of Home Truths and Shitholes‘ he points out: ” … the potency of taboo is still strong in our superficially rational culture. There are some things – quite a few, actually, and the list keeps growing – about which one cannot speak the truth or, in many cases, even raise as a subject for discussion without violating the unspoken pact of liberal sanctimoniousness.

Uncouth. Crude. But was it untrue? We live in a surreal moment when it becomes ever so much more difficult to tell the truth about sensitive subjects. Donald Trump has strutted across our timid landscape like a wrecking ball, telling truths, putting noses out of joint. The toffs will never forgive him, but I suspect the American people have stronger stomachs and are up to the task.”

The Jewish Issue

Israel has taken in many Jews from hellhole countries.

In the 1940s – until the end of the 1950s, Israel took in one million Jews who were expelled from hellhole Muslim countries such as Iraq, Yemen, North Africa countries, Egypt, Sudan etc.. When the Soviet Union fell apart, over one million Russian-Jews arrived in Israel from that Communist hellhole.

But Israel has the ‘Law of Return.’ According to which, every Jew who wants to immigrate to Israel is unquestionably welcomed and taken in, Israelized. They are taught the Hebrew language and are shown the first steps to living in Israel. And they get an Israeli ID card and Passport.

What Can Unchecked Immigration Do to Your Homeland?

If you do not watch it, your country can become what it imports into it.

In 2013, in an immigration debate, Senator Lindsey Graham called Mexico and other countries ‘hellholes’ and the world did not unravel. As of 2017, is France turning into a hellhole? You decide. So many countries in the world are ‘hellhole’ countries; in fact, a majority of the world’s countries are already ‘hellholes’ or on the way to become ‘a hellhole.’

Many Democrats – representatives and their followers – and a few GOP act as multinational lapdogs. This is not good for life in the USA. Yes, it is true that the American Union of States was built by immigrants who built the country on the very same ideas, same ideals and even the same self-interest. You seek the best for your homeland! But that does not mean that America should become the world’s popular soup kitchen destination for the world’s poorest. The poor in some countries are abused, exploited, and neglected by their own ‘elected’ officials or government heads. Mane of those “leaders” are robbing the coffers of their nation and stashing the loot in banks overseas.

Sadly, the world is full of ‘shitholes,’ ‘hellholes’ and ‘asshole’ countries. No normal American would want to live there. Just take a look at what the government of Venezuela did. They took a very prosperous country and made it a terrible ‘hellhole-asshole’ country through socialism.

A ‘shithole’ and ‘hellhole’ country has nothing to do with the color of its people’s skin. Their people were unfortunate to be born there and not in the United States of America or Norway, or any other country that had endless collective efforts to take it out of the unbecoming ‘hellhole’ status.

Abject poverty, awful diseases, lawlessness, corruption, and the suffering of the people in third world ‘hellhole’ countries is not the fault of Donald Trump nor the American people whom he serves. It is the direct abuse and exploitation by heads of states and government officials who should take care of their people but do not.

In reality, immigration can make or break a nation. See Europe, as it dissolves right in front of our eyes, after allowing unfettered immigration from ‘hellhole’ and ‘shithole’ countries, without any limit.

In the United States we are seeing the first cracks of what is taking place in Europe on a large scale. They call it “diversity.” Diversity means a range of different things. It results in the population of the United States not becoming Americanized. Rather, it is a range of “different” people.

Take, for instance, the city of Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is a well-known safe haven for Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. With a population of around 98,000 people, roughly 30% of its residents are now Muslims, making it the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States. And Dearborn looks like a city from an Arabian land, not America.

If not carefully watched, your country becomes what it imports. Just look at what once was beautiful San Francisco, Los Angeles or Twin Cities Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

A Lesson to Learn

I made my comments on several website and social media and in return I received some edifying comments:

1/ “Senator Dick Durbin unsubstantiated heresy about President Trump using the ‘S’ word reveals more hypocrisy on the Left. Where were these holier than thou comments when the Left’s messiah, former president Barack Obama called Libya a ‘sh–t show’? Why would anyone believe what the Left says about Trump when they’ve made it obvious that Obama could get away with anything but Trump can’t do anything without the cries for impeachment. And where is the law that forbids saying the ‘S’ word? You can’t impeach a president unless there is a law he will be charged with breaking. You cannot impeach a president just because you don’t like him. It’s also very revealing that the Left realizes Trump’s job in the presidency cannot be criticized, so they have to descend to the low level of attacking his way of talking. If they can’t find anything real to criticize President Trump for, he must be doing a wonderful job.”

2/ “Any nation where the Word of God is allowed to be preached will be successful and desirable to inhabit. There are no perfect countries. And there won’t be. There are no righteous or perfect people. The Word of God is righteous. It has influenced America. America is not righteous. IT HAS BEEN INFLUENCED BY RIGHTEOUSNESS. Great countries like the USA do not happen by accident. Yes, freedom is an ideal. The United States is still ‘experimenting’ with it. Danger awaits when truth is rejected. When truth is rejected, freedom ends. Why? Because ‘The truth shall MAKE you free.’ (Makes you free, NOT ‘sets’ you free, yes there is a difference). Freedom and licentiousness, there is a big difference between these two terms. Our lawmakers need to be cognizant of the difference.”

“It is impossible to govern a nation without the Bible.” ~ George Washington

“It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.” ~ Horace Greeley

3/ “The attempt to compare the plight of Jews with others is disgusting and patronizing. My uncle came to this [USA] country with a cello on his back. No one feared his getting an arsenal and killing thirty people at a clip. No one feared that he would be a grandmother of eight who slaps a bomb belt on her body to kill infidels. He, as my parents, did embrace the essence of America. He contributed to it, he didn’t want to destroy it, or come here just to send billions across the border. Kumbaya, forget it! By the way, illegals didn’t make this country great but citizens did.”

4/ “A 2017 report, from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, found that more than one in five individuals imprisoned were not born in the United States. In addition, 94 percent of foreign nationals in the custody of either the Federal Bureau of Prisons or the U.S. Marshals Service entered the U.S. illegally. There are a large number of aliens incarcerated in federal or state prisons and local jails who ‘entered the country illegally’. Those illegal aliens – 55,322 – were arrested 459,614 times in total, an average of 8.3 arrests per illegal alien, and committed almost 700,000 criminal offenses, an average of roughly 12.7 offenses per illegal alien.”

“The 2011 GAO report is more of the same. The criminal histories of 251,000 criminal aliens showed that they had committed close to three million criminal offenses. Sixty-eight percent of those in federal prison and 66 percent of those in state prisons were from Mexico. Their offenses ranged from homicide and kidnapping to drugs, rape, burglary, and larceny. Once again, these statistics are not fully representative of crimes committed by illegal aliens – this report only reflects the criminal histories of aliens who were in prison.”

Putting it into plain language sometimes clears the air. Let’s hope it works this time! Sometime a door shuts closed and G-D opens a window.

Nurit Greenger

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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