Public Employee Salaries – Do You Know What You Pay Them?

Although you don’t find salaries published by the unions, schools training teachers like to promote just how much you can make with a teaching certificate.

For example, reports

“Allentown: $54,460

Erie: $54,890

Philadelphia: $58,270

Pittsburgh: $54,950

Reading: $57,850”

As the average annual earnings in some metro areas in Pennsylvania.

Just so you understand how awful these places can be, Pittsburgh has just been voted the BEST city in America based on living conditions.

We’re not talking third-world conditions here.

Want to know what your child’s teacher earns in Pennsylvania?

Check out this site:

How about the district superintendents?

Check out this one for a VERY rural area, Purchase Line, PA. (Minimum wage in this area is considered good pay.)

Proposed 2011 salary:


Plus, health, dental, vision, group life insurance.

Annuity, 25 vacation days, paid membership in any clubs the superintendent requests, etc.

I’m not making this up, that is his contract.

Demand to know what YOUR teachers and school administrators earn! Why not, it’s YOUR money they spend. And why not check out other people who are working on your dime?

Average teacher’s salary in several states:

PA, 2009, $52,913

OH, 2009, $51,343

MI, 2009, $52,300

I know Oprah (for one, a childless pundit) is always crying and moaning about the low salaries of teachers but she owns her own TV network, so how realistic are her ideas?

If you hadn’t had such a poor education you might be able to get your brain working and think for yourself.

Demand to learn what your own child’s teacher gets paid for a part-time job. If your kids are getting a GREAT education, give them a break. If you live in the real world, consider turning up at the next school board meeting (where the board members usually get the same salary and benefits as teachers.)

Or, just say BAAA and pay what they ask for.