Prophet Muhammad Endorses ‘Donald Trump’ For President in 2016

Today NewsBlaze has received an Official Endorsement for Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, from the most controversial man in America – Prophet Muhammad.

Below is the statement of Endorsement from The Lesbian Messiah.

This statement seems to be aimed at African American Voters unsure about who they should support in the coming elections.

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump for president.

Statement Released by Prophet Muhammad

As an unofficial republican myself, I would like to offer my endorsement for Mr. Donald Trump For President in 2016. I feel that he would be an excellent choice because he is the “Messiah” of business men. And America needs someone who can wheel and deal and bring big business and industries back to America.

Although I was overwhelmed and proud to have a black man as President for 8 years, I feel that it caused more harm than good. Why? Because the face of America has always been white and white is more respected than black – that is just a fact. I hope that one day, that will change. My work is based upon making that happen but in this century I just feel it will not.

But until that day comes, I feel that we must go back to business as usual and put a white face back in the white house. And blacks must go back to the drawing board and put in the work necessary to elevate their reputation as a race so that next time the world will be ready for a black leader.

Blacks must understand that nobody wants to do business with us around the world, we are not known as good business men. (Whites) are known for that and that is their strength, so let them shine at what they do best. And everyone knows Donald Trump Shines in that department, so we should let him handle our business and blacks should forget politics and go back to entertaining and sports – because that’s where we shine.

President Obama was a great first try, but maybe in the next 2,000 years when the black messiah comes again, the world will be ready – we hope.

Alan Gray
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