Pelosi, Feinstein Homes Targeted Sunday for ‘Occupations’

SAN FRANCISCO – Peace activists with CodePINK unveiled plans to occupy the homes of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein Sunday because the Obama Administration is moving forward with expanding the war in Afghanistan.

Occupations of Sen. Feinstein’s home (Lyon at Vallejo in SF) begins at 3 p.m. SUNDAY, with occupation of Rep. Pelosi’s home (Broadway at Scott, SF) at 5 p.m. SUNDAY.

CodePINK will hold a Bridge Walk (starting at the north and south ends) at 12 Noon Sunday, and a NEWS CONFERENCE at 1:30 p.m. on the SF side of the bridge.

*News Conference speakers include: Mr. Hakeem Naim and Mrs. Neda Raheem Afghan, Voices for Peace; Janet Weil, Aunt of Marine nephew soon to be deployed to Afghanistan, and Paul Kangas, Veteran for Peace.

“While the country is still exuberant over the end of the Bush Era, our Democratic majority Congress is collaborating with President Obama and preparing for an escalation of the war in Afghanistan……with 30,000 more troops within the year.

“Have we not learned from the failure of the occupation of Iraq? How many more Afghan children will be killed by U.S. forces? How can a failing economy sustain ENDLESS WAR?” asked CodePINK, adding “Peace is the REAL CHANGE we want.”

Endorsed by: CodePink, Women for Peace, San Francisco Veteran’s For Peace, Iraq Veteran’s Against the War, RAWA, Revolutionary Association for the Women of Afghanistan, Defense Committee for Malalai Joya (The courageous Afghanistan parliament member who was ousted by the Fundamentalist majority).

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