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New Poll Proves Public Opposes Senate Immigration Bill

A new Rasmussen poll taken at the end of May 2007 shows some interesting results, just over 18 months ahead of the next election.

The focus of the poll was around legal and illegal immigration, and a new Senate bill that may make things worse for Americans.

Proponents of the bill are seen as being more for immigrants than for legal American citizens. Those negative thoughts hit bill supporters, including President Bush and John McCain.

The Rasmussen poll finds that after two weeks of debate and a major offensive by Bush and Chertoff:

  • Approval rating of Senate Bill S. 1348 remains at only 26%
  • Only 16% believe the Bill will reduce illegal immigration
  • 66% believe it doesn’t make sense to debate new immigration laws, until we can first control our borders and enforce existing laws
  • 82% believe the federal government could do more to reduce illegal immigration.
  • 41% believe the Senate bill will lead to an increase in illegal immigration
  • 75% want to “make changes to increase border security measures and reduce illegal immigration”
  • 29% want to “make it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the country and eventually become citizens”
  • 72% of voters believe it is Very Important for “the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration”
  • 68% of Americans believe it is possible to reduce illegal immigration, while just 20% disagree
  • 81% of American voters closely follow news stories about the issue, including 37% who are following it Very Closely.

Since the immigration debate began dominating the news, Senator John McCain, who strongly supports the Senate bill, slipped into third place in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. President Bush’s Job Approval ratings fell to the lowest levels of his Administration.

See the full details of this Rasmussen poll

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