Michele Whitney for County Commissioner

Clinton County is surrounded by the endless mountains of north-central Pennsylvania, a place some consider one of the most beautiful and desirable places to live, but with all that Clinton County has to offer the local government lacks and continues to fail its residents.

The dark cloud that hangs over Clinton County is its own elected officials. Several local officials have been in politics decade after decade. Most represent themselves as thriving businessmen (and women) that serve the community, but most are indeed failed businessmen that serve themselves, not the community.

Michele Whitney for County Commissioner
Michele Whitney for County Commissioner

If you are looking for a real change. Someone who is there to best represent the people, all people, then on May 16th vote for Clinton County resident and Republican Michele Whitney for Clinton County Commissioner.

Whitney is fair and honest, two things Clinton County needs to recover, build and move forward for a better tomorrow.

Whitney devotes countless hours volunteering her time and giving back to the community. She is the founder of Patriots of Clinton County, whose mission is to recruit and assist strong Republican candidates for public office.

‘She spent a decade in law enforcement and 16 years as an Air Force military spouse. She possesses a solid 25-year extensive background in technology and leadership, including working for Microsoft as a Technical Support Engineer Team Manager. In addition to numerous IT industry-level certifications, Michele has offered her IT and small business consultant competencies with volunteer organizations and small businesses alike, empowering their success. Focused on creating affirmative transformation within Clinton County, Michele intends to use many of the leadership traits, business insights, and work ethics she has shaped to help grow Clinton County.’

Whitney is a resident of Woolrich with her husband, an Air Force active duty retiree, and fire service consultant.

Donna M. Kshir


Donna M. Kshir is an Author, Publisher, Activist, Podcaster, and Columnist featured in over 50 books. She is a writer who seeks truth and justice for children exposed to abuse. She speaks out and writes against these injustices done onto children. Donna’s work has landed her on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon’s bestsellers list multiple times. Her August 2022 release, You Are Enough, with Lee Cougardawn Roberts was the 25thx she hit Amazon’s best sellers list in multiple categories.

Donna writes under several pen names and advocates for those in need. She has spent much of her life dedicated to giving back to her community. Donna has volunteered her time and talents with various non-profit organizations over her lifetime, animal rights, volunteered at her children’s schools, in youth groups, and gives of herself as she is able with God guiding her journey. She enjoys a quiet laid-back lifestyle with her husband, children and grandchildren!