Melania Trump is Gruff Donald’s Beautiful and Intelligent Better Half

People either love him or hate him, there seems to be no in-between. Donald Trump, even though he is the GOP front-runner in this primary season, raises the hackles on the back of a lot of necks, and I’m only talking about conservatives here. Donald is gruff, but his wife, Melania Trump, on the other hand, is completely different.

Donald has certainly dominated media attention in this primary season. No presidential candidate in recent memory has done that single-handedly. “The Donald has ratcheted up the rhetorical volume of his campaign. He has also chewed up and spat out the establishment candidates.

Just mentioning his name, no matter whether it be in a corner bar, a board room, or in the street is sure to get a reaction. Reactions vary, from a profession of support, to a rolling of the eyes, to a vehement denouncement. Love or hatred seem to be the only emotions on display.

As the campaigning rolled into Wisconsin over the past few weeks, someone was finally able to get the media’s attention, ahead of The Donald. Unfortunately for the opposing candidates, it was none of them. Especially on Sunday and Monday, media attention was drawn to a beautiful woman. She might become the first lady of the United States. Stunningly attractive, well-read and intelligent, Melania Trump is a Slovenian-born model. She captivated the press and public, and some say she reminds them of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Melania Trump.
Melania Trump.

Melania and Donald had a nice interview with Barbara Walters. (see the video below) Barbara appeared not to have done her homework on Melania, in relation to charities, though. Barbara said “First Ladies are expected to have a cause. If you had a cause, what would it be?” Melania Trump already supports a number of charities, mostly related to children.

Donald and Melania have a nine year-old son, Baron. Her job is to be there for him and stand by her husband. She said she discussed the possibility of the presidential campaign with him, and encouraged him to do it.

Currently, her main job may be to support Donald, to be a sounding board and to be there for photo-ops. If Donald wins the Republican nomination, though, you can be sure she will become the center of attention.

Americans got a close look at Melania during the South Carolina Primary earlier this year. The crowd was visibly stunned when she stepped forward from being supporting wife, to political cheerleader, as she took hold of the microphone. She shouted out to supporters, saying, “Isn’t he the best? … He will be the best president ever. We love you!”

That was followed immediately by a thunderous ovation. She really is a knockout. Donald was beaming ear to ear, and kissed her. Lip readers could see him say, “Thank you, honey. Very nice.” So why haven’t we seen more of Donald Trump’s better half? It is obvious that Donald’s top aides told him it would be a good thing.

If Donald Trump does become president, Melania could be an excellent first lady.become the center of attention

“I have my own mind,” Melania told Harper’s Bazaar in an interview published earlier this month. “I am my own person, and I think my husband likes that about me.” 11 years of marriage with Melania has tempered Donald, and even though he has been a little wild on the campaign trail at times, when she is with him, he mellows.

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.

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