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Karl Rove Lectures Donald Trump About The Party of Lincoln

Karl Rove talks to Bill O'Rreilly about Trump
Karl Rove talks to Bill O'Rreilly about Trump

Establishment Republicans have been trying to derail Donald Trump’s campaign for months now. Back in November, GOP Donors were on A Mission to Dethrone Donald Trump. The party of Lincoln’s establishment dirty tricks campaign has been throwing around a lot of money and running a lot of anti-Trump ads.

It hasn’t worked very well, because grass-roots republicans aren’t playing the Establishment’s game.

Those establishment republicans are still resorting to whatever it takes to stop business mogul Donald Trump’s seemingly inexorable march towards the GOP nomination.

Just a few days ago, arch establishment republican advisor, Karl Rove, speaking to The Hill, was still peddling his scare campaign. He said Trump could cost the Republican Party the presidency. He also claimed the Party of Lincoln has a 160-year-old rule that can kick Trump out. According to Rove, the rule that the 16th president chose to abide by overrules Trump’s contention that a plurality of delegates wins the nomination.

The GOP aren’t the only ones playing dirty tricks on popular contenders. Establishment Democrats and pushing hard, and playing plenty of dirty tricks themselves, to make sure that Hillary Clinton beats Bernie Sanders.

That isn’t working too well for the DNC either.

Rove, solidly in the establishment camp, was formerly deputy chief of staff for President George W. Bush. He wrote in The Wall Street Journal that republicans should not “Coddle” Donald Trump. He wrote, “[That] the Republican nominee must win a majority of the national convention has been in force for 160 years. Mr. Trump should stop demanding to be treated differently than any GOP candidate before him, including Abraham Lincoln. He must win the nomination outright by winning 55 percent of the remaining delegates.”

Rove is a numbers man and he is sure The Donald will not get the number of delegates needed for outright nomination. It is thought that Trump will only be short of the number by a few delegates. wishing to cast doubt on Trump’s ability to win, Rove wrote, “But if he is down by a larger number, say 100 to 200, he could be in trouble.”

Rove and the rest of the GOP establishment are working hard to dump Trump.

Donald Trump previously said that if he does not win the nomination, there “could be riots,” and that such an event would “disenfranchise” Republican voters. Those statements elicited a laugh from Rove.

Although Rove is working hard to beat Trump, and talking down Trump’s statements as just theatrics, he did concede that the Republican National Convention this August in Cleveland could be a powder keg. The party of Lincoln is getting a shake-up.


Karl Rove talks to Bill O’Rreilly about Trump

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