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Great Minds Think Alike: John Kerry, ’04 Nominee Endorses Barack Obama


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Phoenix, AZ January 8,

Well gosh darn it, now I am going to have to make a leap of faith a tell you folks who I am leaning towards in the political arena …

See, I watched the New Hampshire elections and something happened that made me mad and I will tell you what that is in a little while. Anyhow, I was watching the election like it was me having this baby that was supposed to be a boy, but came out a girl. But that is not the problem. I find myself watching and getting more emotional about the candidates and this race. Well, it is not really a race right now, more like a beauty contest. You know, showing off their wares, and in the end they ask that one question, “how do we solve world peace?”… and both parties answer the same way – PICK ME! I think that might be the FIRST trait to eliminate from a candidate- EGO. Here is my case in point: candidates talk about what THEY can do and what THEY would do, and if THEY were elected, Me me me.

No one talks about US, what WE really want. Now, if they get into office- ether side that is, and something goes wrong, they blame everyone else and point the finger, but not at themselves. “Cause don’t you know that thing has a nail in it?” And they don’t want to be nailed to a wall. No, they point it every which way but their way. These political performers would rather save face- their own, and not face the music. When I was a kid, I was always told, “Fess up to your wrongdoings before they fester in you.” I didn’t really hear that as a kid, I just sort of made that up right now, but it is true. They don’t own up to their mistakes. When was the last time you heard a politician admit they were wrong? It is hard enough to get them to answer a question. Not all the campaign money in the world would ever get you those words “I am wrong.” But as I have said before, the tides are changing and folks are wising up. Or should I say acting up?

“WE the people are not as dumb as we look”, no sir. We know when we are being hoodwinked. I have always said, “If you want to understand a person’s personality- you know, their honesty, morals, ethics and how they would do in the tightest situations (basically caught lying)… The political word for lying is “flip flop”, by the way. Anyway, if you want a gauge of their honesty, watch them laugh, and WHEN they laugh. If you don’t believe me, watch Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. Those ha ha’s covering an awful lot of uh ohs. Ok, so here I go, I am officially throwing caution to the wind and letting all you folks know who I am backing in this 2008 race. I know it is still early and I MIGHT be sitting on the sidelines IF my candidate does not make it to front-runner status. He has been sincere and strong and shows the best leadership qualities of all who are running. From here on in, I will be taking all the heat for my candidate and all negative press should be directed toward me. This is the commitment I think everyone should give their candidate when they make that final choice. He is the candidate of change (But aren’t they all?), and his presence in the Whitehouse alone would change the face of politics. Yes, that’s right Mr. Barack Obama.

Why this sudden need to commit? Well, something happened in the last debate and the day to follow that tipped the scales for me. It was a little show of political theater that Hillary Clinton performed for us the day of the New Hampshire elections. No, not the show of emotions, but the words that came directly after the tear in her eyes. The following words “This is personal for me!” Now, I don’t if you folks caught the debate on the Sunday before, where John Edwards said, “This is personal for me”, and Obama talked about the people- US. Then Hillary jumping in with the coldness of a bank person repossessing your subprime home said, “Could we have a little Reality check here?” And then proceeded to tell us all she could get this done and that done.

Americans want it to be personal and they want it to be about the people, WE the people. It is a personal Miss Clinton. Now I guess if my candidate does not move on, I might just have to settle for sloppy seconds. But for now, I am Obama all the way! Oh, I do have one more suggestion- if the politicians were smart… scratch that, but if they were, they would pick the next runner up as their Vice President. We know enough about them and what a great concept, give the job to the second best candidate in your party. So, I am open for Hillary if she gets the nomination… why not? Then we would have Bill as a VP.

NEWS FLASH: John Kerry, ’04 nominee, to endorse Barack Obama, great minds think alike, huh!

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