Governor Stops Execution of Convicted Murderer

Gov. John Kitzhaber is a coward according to a condemned inmate who was scheduled to be executed next month for his two-time murder convictions.

Kitzhaber on Tuesday said he won’t allow anyone to be executed while he is in office.

Gary Haugen’s death warrant was signed twice by a Marion County, Oregon Judge. The US Supreme Court intervened on the first one. Gary Haugen waived all rights to appeals and other legal battles so he can be executed. Gary Haugen went on to say that the governor “basically pulled a coward’s move” by acting on his personal beliefs.”

“I’m going to have to get with some serious legal experts and figure out really if he can do this,” Haugen said. “Man, this is definitely cruel and unusual punishment. You don’t bring a guy to the table twice and then just stop it.” Gary Haugen added.

The American Justice System has been known to convict the wrong persons of a crime and now they are refusing to let a murderer who has been found guilty and sentenced to die, that willingly waived all other rights and proceeding so he can be executed.

Or is his stay of execution cruel and unusual punishment by keeping him alive behind bars?