2018 Chhattisgarh Assembly Election Expected To Be Exciting Cliffhanger

In India, once a state government completes its five-year tenure, elections are held. There are 29 states. In 2016, assembly elections were held in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Assam and West Bengal. Then in 2017, assembly elections were held in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

Nine state governments face the polls this year, 2018. Those states are Karnataka, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Tripura, Rajasthan and Mizoram. Of particular interest is the Chhattisgarh Assembly Election of 2018.

Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly

Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly, also known as the Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha, is the Chhattisgarh unicameral state legislature. The seat of this Legislative Assembly is situated in Raipur, the capital of this state. The Legislative Assembly consists of 91 members. Their terms span five years.

Chhattisgarh state was created by the Madhya Pradesh Reorganization Act 2000, approved by the President of India at that time. Along with the creation of the state, the Legislative Assembly came into existence on 1st of November 2000. Jashpur hall of Rajkumar College in Raipur is the location where its first session was conducted. Later it was moved to the Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Bhavan at Vidhan Nagar.

The current term of the Legislative Assembly ends in 2018. Bharatiya Janata Party was the winning coalition last time. Raman Singh is the current chief minister with T.S Singhdev standing as the opposition leader. Gaurishankar Agarwal is the speaker of the current Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha.

Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Election, 2018

The tenure of the current Legislative Assembly ends on 5th of January 2019. The dates for the election are yet to be announced, but are anticipated to take place between December 2018 and January 2019.

The elections of 2018 are all over the Chhattisgarh news. Chief Minister Raman Singh had completed 14 years in office in 2017. He has a record of the longest serving BJP CM in the country, which was held previously by PM Narendra Modi.

Political commentators consider Raman Singh one of the luckiest politicians in India. His rise with BJP was dramatic. Even though with a modest entry in the Indian politics, he managed to make a good place in the hearts of Indians. Nevertheless, the elections of 2018 are anticipated to be a tough one for him now due to a severe competition. He is now riding on a three-term incumbency and it is not clear whether former CM Ajit Jogi’s Janata Congress Chhattisgarh would evolve as a better party in these elections. It is predicted that JCC will have a lot of influence on the political arena in this state.

Even though Raman Singh has offered promising proposals such as an increase in power generation and an increase in PMGSY network, the political battle is expected to be fierce. Political pundits suggest that to maintain his legacy, there is something more he needs to deliver. They say specific communities must be targeted, to gain their trust and loyalty. Nevertheless, BJP supporters of are confident of their success this year as well.

In the 2013 elections, 42.3 % votes were held by BJP, 41.6 % by INC, 4.4 % by BSP, 5.5 % by IND and 3.1 % by NOTA. It is anticipated by many that previous BJP voters will still stick with BJP in 2019, even after a number of difficulties in their path.

BJP national president, Amit Shah, set a target of 65 out of 90 seats in the national assembly in the upcoming elections. Even though the entry of Jogi has acted as a threat, BJP members say they are pretty confident. The popularity of Narendra Modi and development in the agricultural sector may also help them perform better. There have been a number of changes that allowed growth to become more visible to the general public. This alone is expected to have a positive effect on the number of votes they will receive.

The Bottom Line

The Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly elections of 2018 are expected to be an interesting race for the parties involved. Thanks to the popularity of Chief Minister Raman Singh, BJP might have expected to be easily returned, but the entry of Ajit Jogi and his Janata Congress Chhattisgarh is a serious challenge to the incumbents. This has created a wave of enthusiasm not only between political groups but also for voters.

Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2018
Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2018

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