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Christine O’Donnell Conjures Her Potions of SHIBBOLETH at Debate!

Christine ODonnell
Christine ODonnell
Christine zaps her opponent with a witchy gleam and puts her spell on we (yours truly) LiberalLeaners, when she chimes in: You’re just jealous ‘cuz you weren’t on Saturday Night Live!

Histrionics are O’Donnell’s BAG. Christine has matured mysteriously since her Bill Maher days. But her strength stills resides in those one-liner power phrases, that are often untrue, but sound utterly delicious on TV or as a YouTube internet snack. The zinger last night was: “You’re just jealous ‘cuz you weren’t on Saturday Night Live!”

That sticks straight as far as Coons is concerned, because he is lacking the flash of Miss O’Donnell, but can lasso Christine when it comes to elucidating policy. Coons web site has a nice outline of what he’ll do to stimulate the job market in Delaware. Chris has a slogan of his own that can overshadow any catchy ones of O’Donnell. “Made in America, Manufactured in Delaware.”

Small businesses will get tax credits if they make 50 percent or more of their products in Delaware. Coons would also give tax credits for small businesses that use the home as an office. Furthermore, he would ease the way for healthy but struggling businesses to receive low-interest loans. All Christine’s web site says about jobs, is: “Believes jobs are created when businesses are freed from endless taxes and bureaucratic red tape.”

That’s a way of saying people will have to fend for themselves, they will either sink or swim, but it’s HANDS OFF GOVERNMENT! This is the mantra for the Tea Party, but a moderate portion of regulation from the government can be a good thing. Just look what happened with the mortgage crisis when people looked the other way.

“You are threatening the security of the Homeland.” Christine said this in response to Chris Coons statement that our intervention in Afghanistan is failing. Christine believes we must continue the war until we finish the job started back when the Soviets were there. This is the old George Bush argument with Iraq, that if we don’t fight ’em there, we’ll be fighting ’em in our own backyard. Warn out, limp argument, Christine!

Christine scored a few pungent jabs to the jaw when she said how shocked Delawareans would be if they knew how Chris Coons studied under a Marxist professor while still in college. She then accused him of becoming a Democrat because he was studying Marxist theory. Coons countered this zaniness by saying his paper, A Bearded Marxist, was just a joke and that he was conclusively the apotheosis of a clean-shaven of a capitalist.

Health care issues are complicated, but once again, Christine argued for “keeping Uncle Sam out of the examination room.” What this means exactly is anybody’s guess. Safe to say, she advances the popular conceit of stock and barrel repeal of ObamaCare. She repeatedly said that people are “confusing coverage with care.” I was flummoxed with her drift, but I saw this as code for we shouldn’t cover all Americans. Christine did say however: “No one should be forced to pay for someone else’s health care-that’s what ObamaCare is doing.”

On education O’Donnell is against Teachers’ Unions, but believes teachers should have more power. Another paradox where the system will naturally function better, if federal government does less. Also, she believes schools should be allowed to teach Creationism. She refused to admit that Evolution Is a Myth, such as she once had spieled back in 1998, when yet still a Wild Child of soothsayer sorcery.

Chris Coons is 20 points ahead in the polls, so O’Donnell has a great big gap to fill, in terms of bailing the seawater out of her sinking clipper ship. As hard as she slung her sloganeering mud-balls through space, I never for one moment suspected Coons of being a Bearded Marxist. Chris is cool, calm and collect; articulate and lucid in his philosophy of policy. O’Donnell is a champion of SHIBBOLETH (a variation on witchcraft) and catchy phrases that make her perfect for talk shows, but a catastrophe for a U.S. Senate seat.

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