BNP Policies Gaining Popularity With The British Public

The interest in the BNP was growing even before Nick Griffin’s recent appearance on Question Time, and the polls are only confirming what many people already knew.

For many years the British people have been brainwashed into believing that it’s not “politically correct” to question things like immigration, the need for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the so called war on terror, or the special treatment given to many ethnic minorities.

The public anger at watching Britain getting swamped with immigrants has always been there, but they were afraid to say what was on their minds. This does not mean that a large percentage of the public are racists (far from it), they simply see serious problems ahead if immigration is allowed to continue at its present pace.

It is not the BNP who are creating this situation; it is the mainstream political parties’ reluctance to do anything about it (except give empty promises about looking into it).

BNP support takes off

Voters are tired of false promises, which is why 22% of the voting public have said they would “seriously consider” voting for the BNP in an election. Two thirds have also said that the usual political parties are not taking immigration seriously enough.

There have been many comments (from those already with the power), that the BNP are attempting to make their policies look good, in order to gain election success and then reveal their true purpose. But if you look at their website, you can clearly see the policies they would introduce if elected, so there are no secrets. You may not agree with everything, but at least they have the courage (and honesty) to say it as it is.

We have already seen the “honesty” of politicians like Tony Blair, who was involved in the lie to illegally invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to make Britain safer, but to overthrow the existing government in order to make it easier to get their oil.

More recently, we have seen Gordon Brown, Lord Mandelson and Tony Blair (again) involved in a “deal” with Libya, resulting in the early release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Many have questioned whether the London bombings were really the work of Islamic terrorists, or an “inside job” to help gain public support for the “war on terror,” just as people view the WTC 9/11 attack (which gained American support for war).

We shouldn’t forget the MP’s expenses. Almost Pounds 1 million was claimed above that allowed (that we know about!).

Perhaps most frightening of all, are the people who really control (and manipulate) our lives. Presidents and Prime Ministers may appear to be in charge, but this is far from the truth. There is a relatively small group of people who actually run the show, and they lurk around in the background, trying not to attract too much attention.

However, thanks to the internet, we know who most of them are. Needless to say, they are incredibly rich and use politicians, banks and the media to promote their agenda.

Unfortunately (for them) they do not have power over all political parties, which is why they successfully persuade people to choose one of two parties. In Britain that is the Conservatives or Labour, and in the US you have Democrats or Republicans. It doesn’t matter which one is elected, they control them both!

This explains why the power brokers are so worried about the possibility of the BNP (or similar Party) gaining popularity. If the BNP were in power, the “Elite” would not be able to sacrifice troops to steal oil (the BNP would bring the troops home).

If you watched Question Time on Thursday, you will have noticed a reference to the Holocaust. Nick Griffin has been accused of being a “Holocaust Denier.” That does not mean he thinks it didn’t take place, but perhaps questions the actual number of victims that were killed (or some other aspect of the event?). Some members of the Jewish community have forced some governments to make it a criminal offence to question the Holocaust (there are a few in prison right now for doing this). But is it reasonable to place someone in prison for suggesting that maybe the figure of six million is not accurate, especially when some official records appear to support this theory?

I do not wish to explore this particular subject in depth today, but we must ask ourselves why one historical event is so strongly protected, yet we can speak (or even joke) freely about other events and criticise Muslims, Christians, politicians, Royalty etc..?

Unless I am mistaken, it is the wish of the BNP to rid Britain of immigrants that have come to this country simply for the generous benefits that we offer (regardless of their colour). They also wish to see Britain retain its identity (culture) and allow “white” British citizens to have the same protection and support that others have. Ethnic minorities are treated well by the government in this country, they are allowed special organizations (funded by the government) that are specific to their religion, colour or country of origin. Why can’t the BNP do that?

Whilst the immigration problem is high on most people’s lists, there is a very real opportunity at hand to change the current corrupt political system that we have (long overdue). The BNP seem to be in a position to do this and some are obviously asking whether it is time to take a chance, and wondering if it could be any worse that what we have. Maybe we will find out soon?