A Republican White House is Odds on Favorite, Online Casino says

Recent developments Favor Rudolph Giuliani for President

Analysts and oddsmakers at BetUS.com say Republicans are favored with 3-4 odds to win the White House again in 2008. The leading Republican is Rudolph Giuliani with 1-2 odds, and John McCain in a close second at 2-1.

Giuliani gained his national notoriety on Sept. 11th and has been touring the country raising funds for his campaign, winning friends and trying to overcome the fact that he lacks foreign policy experience. Giuliani is known to be blunt and not always diplomatic, but that persona seems favored over the cowboy image of George Bush.

“Regardless of the Republican Party’s rightward shift and the Bernard Kerik fiasco, we feel that Americans still identify with Giuliani,” said BetUS spokesperson Matt Ross. “Rudy is a clear favorite for the Republican nomination in 2008”

John McCain has plenty of foreign policy experience and is well respected in the Senate by his fellow Republicans as well as Democrats, some of whom tried to recruit him to their party. McCain has a softer edge than Bush and has gained an “honest” image with his campaign against “soft money.” His being an ex-prisoner of war also helps him compete with Giuliani in a conflict-ridden world.

“McCain should not be counted out,” added Ross. “He took a bruising in 2000 against Bush and he may apply those hard lessons learned in 2008.”

Hillary Clinton is the 1-2 odds front runner to be the Democratic nominee in 2008. John Edwards comes in second, ahead of Evan Bayh and a host of others, including Barak Obama and Jessie Jackson Jr. who are both posted at 8-1 odds. Although Barak Obama is relatively new to the political scene, he is intelligent, articulate, and a great speaker, having received accolades for his moving speech at the Democratic Convention. Jesse Jackson Jr. has a much lower profile. He has the name recognition advantage, given his father’s notoriety, although not all of that is positive.

“Hillary is the Democratic power house,” added Ross. “Republicans and Democrats ignore her at their peril.”

BetUS.com posted the following odds:

Political Party to have the next US President:

Democrat: 2-1

Republican: 3-4

Field: 50-1

Democrat Nominee for 2008 US Election:

Hilary Clinton: 3-5

John Edwards: 4-1

Bill Richardson: 4-1

Jessie Jackson Jr.: 8-1

Barack Obama: 8-1

John Kerry: 9-1

Al Gore: 10-1

Evan Bayh: 14-1

Republican Nominee for 2008 US Election:

Rudolph Giuliani: 1-2

John McCain: 2-1

Jeb Bush: 4-1

Condoleeza Rice: 4-1

Colin Powell: 4-1

Bill Frist: 6-1

George Pataki: 8-1

Dick Cheney: 40-1

More odds on Presidential nominees and politics can be found at: www.BetUS.com

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