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Using Remote Viewing to Get What You Want

Stacey Tallitsch.
Stacey Tallitsch.

The Hollywood Sentinel: For those readers who don’t know, please tell us a bit about who you are.

Stacey Tallitsch: My name is Stacey Tallitsch and I’m the CEO of the professional corporate-prophet.com Remote Viewing firm and I’m also a teacher of Remote Viewing on Udemy dot com.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. Please explain for those new to Remote viewing, exactly what you do?

Stacey Tallitsch: I provide consulting services for large and small companies on projects that deal with ‘unknown’ or ‘enigma’ targets. We do anything from locating minerals for mining, to business opportunities and product trajectories.

Stacey Tallitsch http://www.corporateprophet.com

Stacey Tallitsch: I formed the company in 2009, but I’ve been doing Remote Viewing since the late 90’s.

Stacey Tallitsch: I saw an opportunity in the Trillion dollar industry of the “unknown” that usually falls to forecasters, brokers and analytics, while filling a need often referred to “remediation” or problem solving. This is useful when there are multiple solutions, but only one “best” solution and they don’t know which to choose.

Hollywood Sentinel: How did you learn how to do this?

Stacey Tallitsch: I learned this from Major Ed Dames (ret.) who was the trainer in the Top Secret program developed by the U.S. Military to conduct psychic espionage called “Project Stargate” in the 70’s and 80’s.

Hollywood Sentinel: How does Remote Viewing work exactly, and why is it a real practice that has validity?

Stacey Tallitsch: Remote Viewing uses the unconscious mind to tap into the Universe data stream to ferret out anything on a person, place, thing, or event anywhere in space/time. It is the first practical application of the science we now call quantum mechanics, using the only known quantum computer in existence, the human brain. Using the Remote Viewing protocols developed by the nation’s top scientists, it was discovered that the unconscious mind is not bound by time/space and can provide actionable intelligence through a process called “quantum entanglement” or what Einstein called “spooky actions at a distance.”

Hollywood Sentinel: Can anyone do Remote Viewing? How and why?

Stacey Tallitsch: Yes, anyone trained can do Remote Viewing. The Protocols the U.S. Military created were designed to be teachable to anyone, even those who were as psychic as a rock.

Hollywood Sentinel: When did you realize that you have psychic ability?

Stacey Tallitsch: At a very young age, I noticed that I knew things that others didn’t, or couldn’t. But, for most of my life it was completely uncontrolled and unpredictable, more akin to a spasm of information, rather than a skill or talent.

Hollywood Sentinel: Who do you consider to be the most successful psychic or Remote Viewer, and what is the biggest thing they accomplished?

Stacey Tallitsch: I would have to default to my teacher on this, Maj. Ed Dames. He admits that he’s got almost zero psychic ability, the poster child for those who are as psychic as a rock, but is a perfectionist on the RV protocols. He’s predicted thousands of events prior to their occurrence; the most notable was the series of earthquakes in the Pacific that peaked with the tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear reactor. An event that was broadcast on Japanese TV and late-night Radio in the United States months before, warning of the event that is still poisoning the Pacific and the West Coast of the United States.

Hollywood Sentinel: Do you believe in astrological forecasts? Why or why not?

Stacey Tallitsch: Not really. While it is a tool for tapping into the intuitive unconscious mind, it takes a life-time to get the accuracy one can acquire in a single weekend of learning the Remote Viewing basics.

Hollywood Sentinel: Does Remote Viewing deal with the so called spirit world? Why or why not?

Stacey Tallitsch: No, Remote Viewing is not conjuring anything. It’s a high level of concentrations akin to doing a difficult math problem. In fact, watching someone do Remote Viewing is as sexy as watching someone do a math problem. That’s why you never see it depicted in movies or on TV, it’s quite boring to look at. Professional Remote Viewers will do their work where ever they are, without anyone even noticing, in coffee shops, airports, or even in the waiting room at the dentist.

Hollywood Sentinel: Some may consider you teaching Remote Viewing to be controversial, as this was used by the government for a secret program. Why are you teaching this?

Stacey Tallitsch: I believe Remote Viewing to be the greatest tool to our human evolution since the discovery of fire. It should be taught in schools to children as a mental tool for moving civilization forward. If we are going to reach a point where we venture out to the stars, we need advanced skills beyond what our technological hardware can ever provide.

Hollywood Sentinel: What can a person taking a class with you learn?

Stacey Tallitsch: I teach the Remote Viewing protocols in my “basics” and “Advanced” courses, but I also teach practical application in daily life, and even career opportunities. How to make money using the markets, sports betting and even betting on the ponies. Treasure hunters can see if a legend is true, false or no longer available because the legend outlived the actual treasure and someone got to it already. Students will also learn about the grand-daddy of events yet unrealized, what Dames calls the ‘killshot’ and how to find a safe sanctuary for themselves and their loved ones. Like the Fukushima nuclear reactor event is known to all of us now, the ‘killshot’ has already happened in the timeline, we just haven’t caught up to it yet.

Hollywood Sentinel: Please share with us any final thoughts you may wish to share.

Stacey Tallitsch: If you are interested in learning Remote Viewing, I would highly encourage you to make the investment in either Maj. Ed Dames courses available on DVD at LearnRV dot com, or you can learn mine on Udemy.com by using the coupon code ‘stargate’ for 80% off the $49 enrollment rate.


Hollywood Sentinel: Thank you Stacey, its been great talking with you.

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