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Is U.S. Government Using Psychic Spy Program to Hunt Terrorists?


Is the U.S. Government using an undercover psychic spy program to hunt terrorists? If it sounds far fetched, think again. Over 40 years ago, in the late 1970s, Russia and later the U.S. funded experiments a powerful, top secret intelligence tool known as Remote Viewing. As one of The Stargate’s main projects, the remote viewing program has – according to remote viewer Stacey Tallitsch, been used for military purposes ever since. The motion picture film Men Who Stare at Goats,” starring George Clooney, details just that subject.

Remote Viewer Teaches Military Technique


Now surprisingly, in the age of the internet, when secrets are harder to keep, Mr. Tallitsch has emerged on the scene as CEO of the only known company in the world that actually teaches this once secret governmental or esoteric art, to the general public.

Enter – Corporate Prophet, America’s preeminent Remote Viewing company, designed for CEO’s and VIP’s that want to get the edge on their industry, in the most unique of ways.

Remote viewing is different from what some psychics call clairvoyance, as it stands for a scientific approach of accumulating data about a hidden target, an object or a distant geographical location without seeing it or knowing anything about it. And, Mr. Tallitsch reports, it has nothing to do with psychic readings, aura readings or telling fortunes, because in comparison to them, remote viewing is widely accepted as meticulous scientific research.

Used By U.S. Military

In the past, this mental faculty has been taught under strict conditions in a setting that did not permit any leakage of the information to the viewer so as to ensure accuracy of the results.

Today however, mastering this skill doesn’t require the learner to adhere to all the rigid rules under which the procedure was initially held back in the 1970s. Knowing how to effectuate remote viewing, and comprehend the techniques to implement the practices correctly, will lead to gradual competency in the subject, with the right training. Taking into consideration all the possible obstacles and eradicating them right from the start is hugely important to ensuring accurate results.

How to Do Remote Viewing

Becoming more and more available to the public eye, an ever increasing number of people have also started implementing remote viewing to improve their financial situations. Especially when it comes to stock markets and future trading, this ability has reportedly been known to help predict market performance.

Teaching the basic Remote Viewing protocols developed by the United States Military to turn regular ‘off the street’ people into psychic spies, Corporate Prophet states that they will take ones natural intuition that society has told them to ignore, and give one the confidence, through positive response based affirmation, thereby imprinting verifiable intuitive data on the mind, the same way muscle memory is created in martial arts, sports or ballet.

Stacey Tallitsch states that “I provide consulting services for large and small companies on projects that deal with ‘unknown’ or ‘enigma’ targets. We do anything from locating minerals for mining, to business opportunities and product trajectories.”

Learning from The Government’s Own Lineage

Stacey Tallitsch learned Remote viewing from Major Ed Dames (retired), who was the trainer in the Top Secret program developed by the U.S. Military to conduct psychic espionage called “Project Stargate” in the 70’s and 80’s.

Why Remote Viewing is a Workable Technique

Stacey Tallitsch says “Remote Viewing uses the unconscious mind to tap into the Universe data stream to ferret out anything on a person, place, thing, or event anywhere in space/time. It is the first practical application of the science we now call quantum mechanics, using the only known quantum computer in existence, the human brain. Using the Remote Viewing protocols developed by the nation’s top scientists, it was discovered that the unconscious mind is not bound by time/space and can provide actionable intelligence through a process called ‘quantum entanglement’ or what Einstein called ‘spooky actions at a distance.'” And he adds, “Anyone trained can do Remote Viewing. The protocols the U.S. Military created were designed to be teachable to anyone, even those who were not psychic.”

Hunting Terrorists with Psychic Spies

Is the U.S. Government using an undercover psychic spy program to hunt terrorists? If you were to ask Corporate Prophet, that answer is most likely going to be a resounding YES. With a history of engaging in this methodology before, the government is undoubtedly using every avenue at its disposal in 2016.

Learning Remote Viewing

Stacey Tallitsch with Corporate Prophet teaches Remote Viewing protocols in his “basics” and “Advanced” courses on Udemy, and also teaches practical applications in daily life, and even career opportunities. He states that he teaches how to make money using the markets, and sports betting, among more.

Visit the official remote viewing class so that you too can learn how to do remote viewing.

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