Hope Is All You Will Ever Need…!


There is Hope even when you feel there is none. All it takes is a small candle flame to dispel darkness. Hope is the flame that needs to initiate you into action towards a solution for your problem. Don’t despair when faced with problems but rather you should learn to act decisively on the options before you to resolving them. This is when you need Hope to fuel the fire of discovery towards solutions.

Many of us know life is not easy. Most of us have been through so much in our lives that we do not realize that it is the self causing these issues. Life is not difficult, we chose to make it difficult. Doing is not difficult either but we chose to believe so and so it IS.

“Difficult is only a perception and the degree of difficulty you face depends upon your preparation for the event.”

Many give up, let go and end up in Failure. Don’t! A problem only has power over a particular time and situation, it does not have power over you and it is not a limitation but rather an obstruction to provide a learning you haven’t considered before or a path changer leading you onto higher avenues with better results.

Probably – A Life Changing Opportunity…!

Only if you looked for it.

Ur Belief Is Your Hurdle & Not Your Mind

Hope is not a simple word but rather a weapon given to you leading you to light the flame within so use it well. It’s a gift of Strength and not a weakness. Imagine all that you can do because all of it can come true.

Dispel belief that you cannot.

Instill Belief in Yourself – That You CAN..!

Find Hope, Believe in it, Live and Learn from IT.

IT will happen.

All That You Can Imagine, You Can Do..!

If you can imagine it, you can do it. It just takes belief in self.

The Author is an Independent Thinker, Philanthropist and Philosopher and writes on various topics including Politics, World & Social Issues, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirituality including Personal & Self Development. He is also an Entrepreneur with over 3 Decades of Sales and Deal Making Experience both in Domestic and International Business. He has transacted business in more than 12 countries including USA, India, Singapore, Republic of China and The Middle East. The Author is also an ardent Spiritualist, a practitioner of Pranic Healing, Meditation and writes about Spirituality and is popularly known as UltaGuru and has written over 1000 Original Articles and Quotes.