Why The Healthiest Relationships are Caring Relationships

Building a healthy, long lasting relationship is an important step in gaining success — whether in marriage or in the business world. Numerous surveys conducted over many years clearly indicate that when a couple works hard on their relationship it has a much better chance of working for them than with those who treat their relationship in a casual manner. And of course this goes double for couples who are sincerely working towards a sustainable relationship. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on relationship services like Tinder and Bumble in order to make the right match.

Like any other crucial detail in life, good relationships take planning and perseverance. And some good advice never hurts, either.

Experts in the relationship management field counsel their clients about the following:


The art of listening requires concentration and a continuing suppression of the ego. Resisting the urge to top someone else’s joke with a better one, or to interrupt someone else when they misquote or mess up a fact, are signs of poor listening. Instead of planning what to say next, a good listener will concentrate on what is being said and either respond directly to it.. This has nothing to do with being shy or noncommittal; it has everything to do with active listening, the kind that turns a stranger into someone who is welcomed and trusted. An online service like Match.com is not going to be of much use to the person who won’t really listen to what their potential partner has to say.


Everyone loves to hear their own name said, and said correctly. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, particular hobbies and political leanings — the better the memory is in a relationship, the better the relationship can become. Use a wall calendar or a smartphone app or whatever works best, just remember to remember! It may seem manipulative and sentimental at first, but with practice this little action brings big results in closing the gap between two people who might otherwise be at perpetual loggerheads with each other, even though they have been paired up by a service like virtualdatingassistants.com.

Never be afraid to raise your standards

The problem with most matchmaking/relationship services is that the screening process is skewed to bring in the highest number of eligible people, which inevitably leads to some fraud and major disappointments. To keep the relationship building on the highest level, use a service like Kelleher International. They are one of the oldest matchmaking services in the country, and their exclusive listings are strictly platinum, catering exclusively to high end singles such as movie stars and well known entrepreneurs. Being on their list guarantees contact with superbly rewarding people.

Be a gracious receiver

It goes without saying that a strong relationship is built on trust and a willingness to give, to make sacrifices. But another important part of the equation is often neglected — being a gracious receiver. Everyone knows that it is better to give than to receive, but many simply don’t know how to respond to a gift or a compliment received from someone else. The best way to handle this is to keep a daily list of what your potential partner has done for you, and then make sure to thank him or her for each specific action. This can grow a relationship faster than almost anything else.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.