Five Proven Ideas About Online Dating

The trend of online dating has skyrocketed in recent years. For instance now, 15% US adults are using Online Dating sites according to Pew Research. It has proven to be successful on a large scale because of many reasons. Though many people believe that meeting someone online is not ‘romantic’ enough, when you tell people your backstory if the relationship really does lead somewhere serious, it is a very convenient option. Especially for people who find it difficult to start conversations in person with strangers, and especially since we swipe right only for people who appeal to us character wise.

Dating apps and websites are also easy to use since you can just scroll through people and their profiles during breaks at work, or while chilling at home. Some proven ideas about dating include the following:

In Person Dating

A widely believed misconception about online dating is that the people interact with each other only online and meet much later into the relationship. This is not true because as soon as the two recipients match each other’s profiles, they have one or two introductory conversations before they decide to meet each other and see if they can take the relationship to a further level as well.

This is because of most people, who use dating apps and online matchmaking services seriously, know that the best evaluation of a person is only done through in-person meetings. If dating ensues, it should go without saying that the couple will definitely prefer to see each other in person than through the computer screen only.

Wider Options

When people decide to join the dating game without the use of an online party, they realize that there are very few people available. Most people just hit the bar for a couple of drinks to see if they can find something special, but very few people in bars ever want something meaningful and serious.

Other than this, people are mostly referred by their friends to different people, but the chances of that succeeding are also quite slim. This is where online dating takes the cake because there are many different people to choose from on each website and so, the rate of successful relationships is higher.

Preferred Traits

People who you choose to give a chance online, usually have some feature that attracts you towards them. This feature may be physical or otherwise. For example, if you’ve always found the ability to make someone laugh attractive, and you see that a person has a sense of humour, you know that this is the person for you, no questions asked.

If you prefer to go for looks more than personality than the person’s profile picture can tell you a lot, then later you can find out what he looks like naturally if you decide to hold a video call with him before seeing him in person. This is also a handy feature when you have to call out on cat-fishers or fake profiles.


Another great advantage of online dating apps is that you mostly meet people who you have mutual interests with. So when you meet this person personally or talk to them online, you can use these mutual interests to break the awkward silences most people have when they meet someone for the first time.

Success Rate

Roughly 5% of married or committed Americans report that they met their beloved on an online dating service. Many people also report that dating sites are great ways to meet people as friends and not just as a potential mate. Dating sites are becoming popular with older people as well.