Brandon Shredded Battled Depression And Gained 300k Instagram Followers

A story of true grit and determination

There is an an age old myth about depression that needs to be busted. The story of Brandon Shredded, a man who made it all happen for himself in spite of battling long-term depression shows it can be beaten.

It is commonly considered to be a ‘mood’ or a ‘phase,’ neither of which is true. Nobody can just ‘snap out of it’ or ‘try to be more happy.’ It will definitely not go away by telling someone to ‘man up’ or ‘stop behaving like a little girl.’

Depression bouts can last a few minutes and may sometimes even go on for days. All a loved one can do for someone who is depressed is to offer them empathy and support. Let them know they are not alone. Let them feel safe.

As a matter of fact, this love and support might just help them get out of depression. Additionally, it might also help them achieve something big in life.

Brandon Shredded

Brandon Reynolds famously goes by the name of Brandon Shredded on social media. A native of Chicago, Brandon was born on March 8, 1989 to Mr. Steve Reynolds, a renowned entrepreneur in the city.

brandon shredded
Brandon Shredded

Reynolds was the owner of Polekatz Gentleman’s Club along with many other businesses. His unfortunate death was a complete shock to Brandon who was hoping to take over his businesses when the right time arrived. He suddenly lost focus in life and depression set in.

Through those trying times, Brandon still managed to obtain a CNA certificate which gave him opportunities to work in various health care departments. In an attempt to beat depression, he started working on his body with exercises and a healthy diet.

This gave him new-found confidence to pursue a career in bodybuilding.

Showcasing a Journey

Brandon moved to Arizona where he gave fitness lessons online and showcased his journey of bodybuilding on Instagram. His follower count began to increase at a rapid pace and today he has over 300,000 followers.

Determined to achieve more in life, Brandon began a protein supplement company by the name of Limitless Supps. In just about 3 years of its formation, the company is now valued in six figures.

Brandon Shredded continues to enjoy the success of Limitless Supps and a huge follower base. Even though depression tried to get the better of him, he didn’t cave. He found something to hold on to and slowly pulled himself out of the hole – bodybuilding, and now helps thousands on their own fitness journeys.

If you know someone going through depression, give them the love and support they require. Who knows? They might just become the next Brandon Shredded!

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