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Are You in Touch With The Magic of Life?

Life is full of those moments when something strange happens. It is all around us, constantly but when we are not looking for it, we just miss it. You know, a friend sending you a text when you are just listening to a piece of music reminding you of him or her, the person calling you when you are thinking about him/her, the advert on the bus just talking to you and so accurate? I am sure that you see what I mean. The magic of life is everywhere if only we give it some space to exist.

I guarantee that if you agree to open the door, you will start to see what I am talking about. We call it synchronicity, coincidence, or just the magic of life. I believe that our unconscious mind has access to all information around us. How does it work? It is simple in fact: we just are so much more than we know and believe. Our power is endless and we can have such an impact on what is around us, what happens to us and on ourselves to.

We can take advantage of the power of our unconscious mind to help our day to day life in the best way possible. Carl Jung spoke about what he called the collective unconscious which is a sort of complete library of experience of human Kind which helps us unconsciously all the time. It is like a radio wave which connects us to a phenomenal amount of information stored since the beginning of humanity.

You perhaps heard about those monkeys on an island without any contact with the continent. Other monkeys elsewhere started cleaning their food before to eat it. Magically, the ones on the island started doing the same a while later. We can see many plausible explanations to this but the unconscious mind is definitely a possibility. We are talking here about an invisible connection between each living thing on this planet. James Cameron on his famous film Avatar in 2009 was passing on this message that we are all connected, including to mother Earth.

What we call magic or just mango jumbo for some of us is what we don’t understand, what does not make sense, what we did not explain scientifically yet. With Quantum Physics for example, the edge of what is reasonable has been blown. A subatomic particle can be at 2 places at a time and can be energy or matter or the universe cannot exist without consciousness, or we change the result of an experience with our mind. So is it so hard to believe that the magic of life around us is more than just mango jumbo in the sick head of some of us?

It is a great time to be alive in this world. We are about to discover so much about life and about who we really are. Coincidences and synchronicities are an expression of our talent and power on things and events. The power of our mind is greater than we can imagine. The magic of life is giving us a demonstration of it which lots of us chose to simply dismiss.

Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Author.
With 18 years experience, he helped hundreds of people, and many international organisations around the world.
He gives workshops and conferences and is specialised in the impact of consciousness and limiting beliefs on achievements and success.

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