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World Fertility Rate Falling Faster

Members of SOCP conduct a free fall parachute training jump
Members of SOCP conduct a free fall parachute training jump

Fallacy of Overpopulation

Overpopulation is a myth-explains exactly how perceived overpopulation is a complete fallacy. Soon, we’ll be hearing about reproductive problems we’ve never heard about before. Rules will be changed concerning who, and who is not, able to make babies. Better make room for spermatogenesis.

But as , just to have a stable (neither decreasing nor growing) population, each woman must have at least 2.1 offspring. But unknown to most, the biggest culprit is declining sperm production by men.

Members of Special Operations Command Pacific, conduct a freefall parachute training jump from a U.S. Army UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter from more than 10,000 feet.

There’s a myriad of reasons for declining population-abortion, sterilization, euthanasia, birth control, same-sex marriage, etc… Nothing noted about falling sperm count. Recently there were numerous warnings from the Journal Of Human Reproduction. Sperm count has dropped drastically over the last 50 years (almost 2%/yr). For the last 17 yrs, the Journal said normally-formed sperm decreased more than 33%.

Sperm Count Falling Rapidly

With dropping sperm count, we also heard from the European Science Foundation. They recently issued a report saying 20% of men are considered “subfertile,” with sperm counts and quality dropping consistently.

Almost all organizations who monitor sperm counts admit they’re not only falling, but falling rapidly. They also admit they see nothing to slow that fall.

Sperm production (spermatogenesis) starts in adolescence. If falling sperm production continues, baby-making ability will be almost extinct in 50 years. Already, according to the UNdata | record view | Total fertility rate (children per woman), the approach to the minimum rate [2.1 children/woman] has dramatically slowed population growth.

UN Data Unbiased

If one closely looks at declining world population growth (UN graphs above), zero growth mathematically occurs in 2040. The shocking part is the UN will not admit this. UNData will say no one knows ‘what’ will happen in 30 years. But all one has to do, is look at the numbers, the trends, and graph line direction. Proper extrapolation tells all.

All accrued evidence indicates exactly where we’re going. As knowledge has progressed, current research shows 40% of reproductive problems are due to male infertility.

Estrogen Intimately Involved

And at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Rex Hess (Professor/3 collaborative studies for 7 years/ Nature), knows estrogen is necessary for male fertility. In this case, specifically for sperm count. “We can now say that this female hormone is intimately involved in regulating fertility in the male, because if you block the estrogen receptor’s function as we’ve shown here, you will have infertility.”

Hess emphasizes this discovery [declining sperm counts worldwide] means “we must be concerned about the potential for environmental chemicals to influence male reproductive function. Until now, there has been no known function for estrogen in the male.”

Richard Sharpe (Reproductive Health/University of Edinburgh/Expert, Environmental Toxins) said the study was “hugely impressive”. He answered skeptics on the reality of the global decline. Even though a definitive reason for sperm decline is not known, he admits science says the likeliest factors are environmental chemical exposures (estrogen), and a high-fat diet.

Estrogen In The Water

It’s known estrogen-and its many variations-have a major role in male fertility. Virtually all water supplies are now polluted with drug residues ‘peed’ out by people. Because of the inability of most treatment facilities to destroy all estrogen physically discharged by those taking daily birth control pills, and other estrogen mimickers, we likely won’t see a decrease in clean estrogen-free water anytime soon.

Unfortunately, water is ingested through the mouth, as well as chemical absorption in baths, showers, and other water immersion.

Gary Halbert (InvestorsInsight) repeats a fertility rate needed to just maintain population (2.1 children/woman of child-bearing age). According to multiple studies, the US fertility rate is now only 1.9 children, and falling.

Even though the US birth rate has always declined during periods of recession, Halbert sees this fertility rate falling faster recently. Today’s falling fertility rate duplicates what happened during past recessions, which increased again upon economic recovery. But NOT this time.

There Is A Reason

In comparison, >90% of sperm of a domestic bull, or even laboratory rat, are normal. Almost no reduction in sperm count. As far as most know, no bull, rat, nor animal has ever taken any birth control.

One should seriously think about the impending meaning of this data. Freefall is a good description.

Of course, if we’re uncaring about the plight of humanity after our death, or what our offspring’s plans may be, all of this is just moot.

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