Wildcats, Gratitude and River Views at Folsom Lake Crossing

The Wildcats indoor soccer team in Folsom, attended the opening of the Folsom Lake Crossing, after a game where they won 6-1.

After the bridge opening, they got down to the more important work of practicing for their next match and I met them on the road above the bridge.

As a way to practice, their coach had them play only left footed in the second half. They weren’t exactly keen to play left footed, but they did it anyway.

Also at the bridge opening was the local team of Julie Bjorgum and Jeff Marmins, co-founders of the Human Chain of Gratitude. One of the locals I interviewed was Jerry Bernau, who said he was grateful for the crossing bringing people together. He said this gathering was a great example of the City of Folsom, a great community that works together.

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The Folsom Wildcats

Jerry Bernau talks about “Gratitude”

The view from Folsom Lake Crossing.

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