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Sultry TNM Brings Out Recent Arrivals to The Area

Family relaxes on Sutter Street for Folsom TNM.
Family relaxes on Sutter Street for Folsom TNM.
Family relaxes on Sutter Street for Folsom TNM.

This year’s ninth Thursday Market saw another welcome change in the weather. The day started out nice and toasty – some call it hot. With late afternoon came bands of clouds, just in time to take the sting out of the sun, as the Market started. For an hour or so, it was slighly humid, but not unbearably so.

As I was talking to Mean Mo of “Mean Mo and Dirty Sallie’s” outside the Folsom Mercantile Antique mall, a gentle cooling breeze came in and it was very welcome.

It was a great evening for walking around making new friends. There were several new arrivals from the Bay area, including San Jose and Petaluma. They moved to the Folsom area for a change of pace, for respite from the madding crowd. Welcome to Folsom, we’re glad to have you here.

There were lots of interesting displays around the 900 block. Just after 6pm, there was already a crowd forming at the video games display and Carmichael Honda Motorsports brought out some great gear for the big kids, down at Sutter and Decatur.

Star Eco Station brought two new scaly friends this week. A massive yellow snake, who apparently still has a lot of growing to do and his young lizard pal.

The BBC Beatle Tribute band was great. They drew a great crowd early on and built up throughout the evening. The chairs provided by the Folsom History Museum were a big hit.

Newsblaze took 20 photos of people having a great time, (see below), choosing one for the front page. Our visitors shown on the front page win a gift voucher for the Farmers Stalls. So don’t forget to contact us if you are on the front page at FolsomLocalNews.com.

If your photo is here on this story page, please let us know how much you enjoyed the market – and if you have any suggestions for improvement. Send your name and tell me which photo is you and I will add your name to it. I’ll be looking to see you next week – and please remember to tell all your friends.

Want to see your name in the paper? Do you have a Folsom story to tell? Write it, send it in and our editors will review, edit and publish it at FolsomLocalNews.com.

If we didn’t take your photo this week, we sure to be at the market next week, bring your happy face and ask me! We’ll be taking photos every week and if your photo is chosen for the front page, you receive a Farmer’s Market gift voucher.

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Just after 6pm, there was already a crowd forming at the video games display.
Star Eco Station brought their friends with them.
The BBC Fab Four really were fabulous!
Cooling down as the sun drops below the building line, at the Folsom Thursday Night Market.
Eating street food at the Folsom Thursday Night Market.
Ice Cream time at the Folsom Thursday Night Market.
New Police recruit.
Mother and son, resting on the steps of the bank in Sutter Street, Folsom, CA.
Folsom Thursday Night Market has a lot to smile about.
Family relaxes on Sutter Street for the Folsom Thursday Night Market.
Family time on Sutter Street, Folsom, California.

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