State of Florida Tells Prophet Muhammad to Get Lost

No Support For Florida’s New Mascot

After two years of advertising his new religion The Religion of Power Controversial Scientologist and Prophet, King Nazir Muhammad has still received no media coverage in his home state of Florida.

This is shocking to many, because Muhammad has made headlines in most of all the popular news sites on the web. And he has even been mentioned on major talk shows, but his home state has not acknowledged his work as a promoter of Florida at all.

For those who don’t know, Muhammad’s religion recognizes America as a holy land within its beliefs and the state of Florida is renamed “The New Mecca.”

Muhammad believes that with the popularity of his religion, his home state as well as America itself would grow in popularity as a holy land, just as the religion of Islam gave prominence to the Middle East.

Florida Doesn’t Want Muhammad’s Help

welcome to florida
Welcome to Florida unless you’re Muhammad!

It has often been the case with religions that “A Prophet” is not accepted in his own country, and that is proving to be true in Muhammad’s case. Why else would a state that has been ravaged by real estate devaluation not embrace Muhammad’s concept which gives holy value to Florida?

Well, Muhammad believes that his past criminal record is one of the factors that hinder him – as well as his race and name.

“It would be a kick in the face to have to admit that a negro criminal with a name like King Muhammad was their savior” – Quote by King Nazir Muhammad.

Whatever the case may be, Florida as well as America itself, may be missing out on a great opportunity to redefine itself as a holy land rather than a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. But it seems as though prejudice will prevail in this case, even though the state and the country are desperately in need of a massive makeover.

But with a name like “Prophet Muhammad” maybe he would find more acceptance and fame in the Middle East than in an Anti-Islamic society like America.

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