Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 87th Birthday

A colorful parade highlighted the celebration of the 87th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

Reports say a parade known as “Trooping the Color” consisting of soldiers, horses and musicians also took part in the parade.

The parade is a customary and annual ceremony marking the queen’s official birthday.

The parade was followed by a visit to her husband Prince Philip in the private London hospital who is recovering from abdominal surgery.

The queen’s actual birthday was on April 21 when she turned 87.

US sends warmest greetings to Queen Elizabeth II

In a press statement by US Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of President Obama and the American people, he sends his warmest congratulations and best wishes to the people of the United Kingdom in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Official Birthday on June 15.

Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms.

“There’s something remarkable in just how deeply connected we Americans feel to Her Majesty.” – Secretary Kerry

He says the Americans revere their special connection to what they call the Greatest Generation, the stoic men and women who persevered and won the second World War.

“Perhaps that is why we also share such regard for Her Majesty, who came of age in Great Britain’s own Greatest Generation.” – Secretary Kerry

He says it grew up with grit and grace in the face of enormous sacrifice, and in victory forever deepened the special relationship and bond between US and the United Kingdom.

And today it sets the standard for great dignity in the face of great challenge, he added.

In the same year that the US celebrates the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s Coronation, this occasion is a special opportunity to pay tribute to the Queen’s remarkable life and legacy, and to recognize her resolute leadership in the UK, the Commonwealth, and throughout the world.

“That I made my first overseas visit as Secretary of State earlier this year to the UK should be no surprise, for Great Britain remains the indispensable partner of my country.” – Secretary Kerry

He says as the United Kingdom marks this special day with the spectacular Trooping the Colour ceremony, it is with deep respect and admiration that he extends congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen and to the British people.

US-UK relations–a partnership of the heart

Earlier this year, working together to make a powerful difference in world affairs, United States of America and United Kingdom reaffirmed stronger alliance in the 21st century.

In his remarks with Foreign Secretary William Hague after their meeting in London, Secretary of State John Kerry said one thing that binds the United States and Great Britain is a special relationship, a partnership of the heart.

And in the 20th century, both countries fought for freedom side by side, and fought for survival together in war.

Both countries thrived together in peace and stood together time and time again in order to meet the world’s great challenges.

In the 21st century, both countries also face new and a more complex set of challenges, but together, it is absolutely clear that US-UK partnership remains stronger than ever.

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