Prophet Predicts ’25 Years of Poverty’ For Blacks in America

This recent interview was conducted with the self proclaimed Prophet and founder of The Religion of Power – King Nazir Muhammad. NewsBlaze interviewed the prophet on his recent prediction that blacks are about to face extreme poverty in America. This is the Q&A we had with him on this subject and I think that you will find his interview very interesting to say the least.

So Prophet Muhammad, please explain this new revelation of yours

Well, many religious people would say that ( God ) is bringing this financial plague against blacks. But I am going to say that “the white race” is about to bring a social punishment down on blacks. It began in Ferguson and is spreading across the country and it will not stop until blacks are completely broken.

Why would you attribute this to white people?

starving kids

Well, Blacks live in a white owned country, and are housed, employed, fed and clothed by white America. So we owe whites for providing us with the essentials of life, yet we disrespect them by taking their women and their men. And negatively influencing their youth into destructive trends. And it is foolish to think that the white authority in this country would continue to allow this.

So this would be punishment for those things?

Yes sir, and because blacks do not raise their children to act as respectable and responsible adults in this foreign society that we are in. So in the eyes of white America we have become like a race of children. And we are about to be chastised like children – both socially and financially in the same way a parent would chastise their child.

What exactly do you mean by that?

First we will be segregated “socially” by losing our respect as equal citizens and as human beings. And outcast from civilized society because truthfully, the masses of black youth don’t respect it. And to be honest, many have tried to corrupt it with drugs, so called entertainment and with integration.

Secondly, we will be chastised “financially” by putting us under extreme economic oppression (i.e.) cutting welfare, drug dealing, banning us from the entertainment industry etc… And leaving us in financial hell by bankrupting black America so to speak. There will be 25 years of poverty for blacks.

How do you think blacks will survive this?

Of course, stealing, robbing, home invasions will erupt nationwide but whites are armed and ready for that. But after a few years of disillusion and suffering, I see everything becoming “black” because we will have no more influence in “white” America. I mean more black owned business will arise, black advancement organizations, but most of all “a black religion” will rise up like the one I have created.

Eventually there will be “Two America’s” – a black one and a white one with two segregated societies – a black power and a white power so to speak. This punishment will inevitably turn out to be a blessing because it will make the black race more civilized, united, and productive because that’s the effect suffering has on black people. Suffering gives us power and makes us stronger, because we were created to endure suffering like no other race.

Interesting. Any last words for our black readers?

Yes, to achieve black power we must duplicate the methods whites use to achieve white power. (i.e.) there is no shame in being a copy cat. Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary.”

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