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Problem of Prescription Drugs is The Crux of The Matter With Lindsay Lohan!

I just watched a trailer for Mean Girls and observed the glitter world of Hollywood verses the real world of incarceration for Lindsay Lohan at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. Lindsay began serving her sentence at 10:11 AM yesterday, July 20.

On July 6th Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail, followed by three months in rehab for probation violation.

Lindsay was serving a three year probation sentence for two different driving under the influence convictions from 2007. The probation violation was because Lohan had missed 7 alcohol classes since last December. Because of overcrowding at the jail, Lindsay will probably only serve 13 to 15 actual days in jail. Yet, closer court monitoring is at hand. She will have to report to a probation officer the very next day after leaving jail, then begin her 90 days of rehab.

The question of Lindsay’s drug dependency is the real crux of the matter here. The two prior arrests involved both alcohol and cocaine. And Lohan is currently hooked on prescription drugs. Her father, Michael Lohan, is especially concerned about this prescription drug dependency. An attorney representing the father of the troubled LiLo, Lisa Bloom, is attempting to get these drugs excluded from being administered during the jail time.

A checklist of these various drugs was shown on Jane Velez-Mitchell last night. As shocking as it is, Lindsay is purportedly taking all of these prescription drugs and maybe even upping exceeding limits on the prescribed dosage. I’ve never heard of many of these drugs, but here we go! Ambien, Diraudid, Trazodone, Adderall and Zoroft are all taken by LiLo.

If the jail allows her to take these prescription drugs, how can LiLo reform herself and get sober? That is not possible! While prescription drugs are legal, they pose as much of a threat as illegal drugs do, if not a bigger threat. If the jail made her go Cold Turkey, the seriousness of her problem would finally dawn on her. On the other hand, if LiLo lingers in her solitary lockup popping dolls and remains glassy-eyed, no change will come about.

Until she can get this substance problem under control, her acting career is not likely to get any kind of lift. She has Machete in the can, which will have a fall release, but it’s not likely it will provide the kind of stratospheric career lift that Robert Downey Jr. got from Ironman. And as far as a career misstep goes, playing the role of Linda Lovelace of Deep Throat infamy is as maximum of a stumble that the Beverly Hills Babe-Ola could possibly trip over.

Lovelace is the proverbial giant banana peel, a slippery slope on her Hollywood career ladder. Yea, LiLo needs to do some deep meditation, self-reflection and inner-soul searching; a journey of self-discovery is the order of the day. But if she’s stoned out on pills that’s not going to happen. You have to hurt before you can change. Serious detox must take place before character reform can begin.

Even though her actual jail time will be short, I don’t think she will be able to hit the party circuit right when she’s let loose on the street. Her probation will be strict and Judge Revel will throw her right back in jail again if she’s caught with a Mai-Tai in her pretty hand. LiLo will not get off the hook this time. The days of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday are over. Lindsay should seek out a serious role, like Joan of Arc or Mary Queen of Scots, where she could showcase her talents for martyrdom on a bigger stage of life than a mere woman’s correctional facility.

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