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Mediation Crucial in Early Stages of Conflicts


The President of the General Assembly Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser today said conflict mediation play important role to stem escalation of violence.

On his remarks at International Istanbul Conference on Mediation in Turkey, entitled ‘Enhancing Peace Through Mediation: New Actors, Fresh Approaches, Bold Initiatives,’ Mr. stressed that seeking peaceful settlement of disputes before they become violent can save lives and ensure stability.

“There are lessons to be learned, particularly by those who insist on clinging to power against the will of their own people.” – Mr. Al-Nasser

Nassir Abdulaziz AlNasser (left), President of the sixty-sixth session of the General Assembly, meets with Valerie Amos, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. UN Photo/Evan Schneider

He states that the governments must allow more room for mediation before conflicts erupt or situations worsen.

He told delegates at the conference that focused on the so-called “track II actors” in mediation, civil society, research institutions, and former high level personalities are playing a growing role in resolving conflicts, building capacity and engaging in post-conflict reconstruction.

He notes that in some cases, track II actors support and contribute to mediation processes.

He underlines that the United Nations should support regional actors and initiatives to find lasting solutions to disputes.

He says it is encouraging development that the United Nations, including the Security Council, is listening more closely to regional actors, and taking into consideration their concerns before making critical decisions.

Mr. Al-Nasser also announced that he willconvene an informal high-level meeting of the General Assembly in New York to discuss the role of Member States in mediation on March 23.

He cites that benefiting from the experience of eminent mediators, the meeting will seek to identify challenges to effectively dealing with regional and international conflicts.

He points out that the world is going through a challenging period of transition and that “all eyes are on the awakening taking place across the Arab world and other places. This flow of history cannot be stopped nor reversed.

“Tragically, many people have paid the ultimate price for the establishment of an accountable political system that respects the dignity and basic rights of its people.” – Mr. Al-Nasser

He stresses that the bloody conflicts in Libya and Syria should remind the world of the importance of mediation.

On June 2011, the General Assembly has asserted that strengthening mediation is vital for dispute and conflict settlement.

The General Assembly also exhorted Member States to strictly adhere to their obligations under the United Nations Charter to seek peaceful settlement of disputes to prevent outright conflict, stressing the role of mediation when disagreements arise.

The Assembly reiterates the importance of well-trained, impartial, experienced and geographically diverse mediation processes, and encouraged the appointment of women as lead mediators in UN-sponsored peace processes, to ensure adequate gender expertise for all UN processes.

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