Male Servants Wanted : Job Creation in a Lesbian Nation

Male Job Creation At All Time Low

Today there is more news from the controversial author and well known “Lesbian Messiah” and Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad. He has shocked many men out of their comfort zones. Muhammad is looking for male servants for women.

Today Muhammad says that he is introducing a new idea for job creation that is “Prophetic” and will give men a new sense of value in the eyes of women in this new America.

With the growing lesbian population in America, men are becoming obsolete in their former role as mates – in the traditional sense of the word. Yes, the bible teaches us that the female is the (Help Mate) but Muhammad says that in this New World that notion has been reversed.

us dollars. Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
us dollars. Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

New Role For Men?

Muhammad also says that women in America in particular have no real need for men both “sexually and financially” anymore. Because of the domestic violence abuse on women, the value and desire for male companionship has fallen substantially. Therefore, men must now ask themselves instead of being completely annihilated from the job market by “lesbian studs” – can they adopt the “Help Mate” role?

Can men learn to cook and clean and raise the children while the wife works? Can they be a companion / servant to a lesbian couple? or is that too small a role for men to take? Can a once-dominating male now submit to female domination – or live in poverty?

Male Servitude

Prophet Muhammad tells men to consider the estimated 91 Million people that are unemployed – 75% of them being (men). And he believes that in the coming years, Male Servitude of this kind will be the only job opportunity in a world dominated by women.

Muhammad believes it so much so that he has taken out an ad online offering his companionship to a needy lesbian couple.

Muhammad’s Official Job Post for Male Servants

Could this be the a new way to boost employment rates in America? Or could this be karma coming back to bite men in the butt on behalf of the servitude women have undergone since time began?

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