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Liverpool Reigns for Boob Jobs in Britain

A study, by British cosmetic surgery matching service Clinic Compare, compiled information from over 60,000 plastic surgery requests and listed the most popular areas in the country for different types of surgery. Birmingham had the most requests for cosmetic surgery, with over 1,000 procedures, but Liverpool topped the list for breast augmentation surgery requests.

In the first 9 months of 2014, over 145 breast augmentation requests came from Liverpool, this was followed by 131 from Birmingham, 128 from Leeds and 126 from Hampshire. All these women chose surgery over natural enhancements with products such as breast actives.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, plastic surgeon Kevin Hancock, who works at the Catharine Medical Centre in Liverpool, said, “Breast enlargement has always been a hugely popular cosmetic operation. There are a large number of commercial clinics in the area and I have many colleagues in private practice doing this procedure.”

“People are now much more aware of what treatments are available,” he continued. “There’s also much less of a stigma now towards breast augmentation and other plastic surgeries than perhaps there was in years gone by.”

Overall, the number of requests for plastic surgery was highest in Birmingham with 1,089 requests for boob, nose jobs and liposuction being arranged. This was followed by Leeds with 795, Glasgow with 791, Manchester with 724 and Liverpool with 644.

According to the Daily Mail, nose jobs are the most popular in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, while weight loss surgery topped the requests in Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds.

Liverpool native Laura Noon, who had breast augmentation surgery 13 years ago, told JMU Journalism, “I was 17 when I first wanted to get the surgery. All of my friends had big boobs and I had nothing.”

“I’d advise anyone who is thinking of getting the surgery to make sure it is something they want 100 percent. I got the surgery for me and for me only. It was about liking what I saw and making my figure look right. I’d urge anyone considering the surgery to make sure they go to a professional surgeon and to make sure that they do their research,” she continued.

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