Lawsuits by Trump Team over Massive Voter Fraud Concerns in 2020 Election

Since Tuesday, November 3rd U.S. Presidential election day, the political scene in America has revealed new depths to the compromised polling and voting practices in the country, particularly in states with a Democratic administration.

Aside from the huge numbers of mailed-in ballots arriving suspiciously at multiple polling stations in these states and flipping the lead from Trump to Biden, it’s now on-record that the software used in the election for calculating results is faulty and has experienced “glitches.” In one such “glitch” in Antrim County, MI, some six thousand Republican votes were counted as Democrat votes, flipping the results in Democrats’ favor. Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox voiced her concern over the use of the same faulty software in 47 counties in the state.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell joined Fox News anchor Lou Dobbs to offer their analysis of the ongoing voter fraud rampant at many places in the six embattled states where the voting and counting process continues despite the election being over on Tuesday and Republican poll watchers are barred from observing.

Powell welcomed the need for a federal investigation into the voter fraud allegations including the possibility of a 3 percent overall vote change by the faulty software in the pre-election day digital voting using the program Hammer and software Scorecard. She said federal lawsuits are being filed to review the problem with this election in multiple states.

Technocracy News and Trends published a story on the use of Hammer and software Scorecard as a weapon of mass vote manipulation.

SCORECARD is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again. Biden utilized THE HAMMER and SCORECARD while running for Vice President in 2012. Votes are again being stolen on Joe Biden’s behalf as he runs for President of the United States in 2020.

One particular kind of reported voter fraud involves the use of sharpies (Sharpie-brand felt tip pen) in filling out ballots leading to their rejection. Several people reported it on social media after they went online to check their ballot status. Newsmax reported that a lawsuit was filed by a conservative legal group against Maricopa County officials in Arizona and joined by the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee.