How to Vape: Everything You Need to Know but Were Too Afraid to Ask About Vaping

When he gets to his mother in law’s house in Massachusetts, Ryan is greeted with the welcoming smell of cotton candy. But his mother in law doesn’t run a carnival.

It’s her vaporizer. Ryan, a smoker of 30 years himself, is immediately drawn to this less offensive alternative to smoking. Cigarettes had been the carrot dangling in front of the horse for Ryan. Always tempting but never satisfying.

But like Ryan, if you’re vaping for the first time, shopping for the right setup can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry. This article will show you how to vape like you’ve been doing it for years. The best vape mod starter kit is going to depend on what you want out of your vaping experience.

Vaping for Beginners

Do you want big clouds of vapor or a discreet way to get your nicotine fix? A sub-ohm vaporizer means that it has thicker wires which increase the amount of voltage that can run through it.

This creates big, smokey plumes of vapor. To be able to supply enough electricity, the battery on a low voltage vape is going to be bigger, like this.

Vapes with thinner wires, or “high resistance,” don’t give you the same amount of vape, which is why they’re better for high nicotine e-juice. Unlike cigarettes where the nicotine levels can vary widely, e-juice has a standardized system.

The most common concentrations of e-juice are 0 mg/mL, 3 mg/mL, 6 mg/mL, 12 mg/mL, and 18 mg/mL. But it’s not uncommon for certain brands to carry very high nicotine e-juice, in the 20-40 mg/mL range.

The Best Vape Tank for You

The vape tank is where your favorite flavor of e-juice goes. For lower resistance, sub-ohm vapes, you’re going to need a larger tank.

Because this kind of vape produces so much vapor, they are going to go through e-juice faster.

A good vape shop will have several different sized tanks to choose from.

How to Clean Vape Coil

The coil is the heating element on your vape. Before you decide how to vape for the day, whether it’s going to be with a low or high voltage device, make sure the coil is clean first.

A good beginner vape will have only a few easy to clean parts. If your vape pen has more parts than a spacecraft, it’s going to get dirty and stay dirty.

How to Vape Your Way to a Better Life

After 30 years of daily smoking, Ryan from Massachusetts no longer craves cigarettes. In fact, he can’t stand the smell anymore. A few months ago he didn’t even know how to vape, and now he doesn’t know how he went so long without it.

Ryan is just one of many stories of smokers whose lives were changed thanks to vaping. And nicotine isn’t the only mood enhancer being vaped.

Are you ready to finally start feeling refreshed without having to spend half the day sleeping? If so, check out this article on the top 3 reasons you should be vaping CBD. Remember, your investment in vaping is all about feeling better.

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