The History of ‘The Cajon Classic Cruise’

A yen. A commitment. A fanaticism. There are many things, places or people that evoke passion in humans. This is especially so for cars. Around the world vintage car shows, events for classic cars and display of one-of-a-kind vehicles take place. For El Cajon, a city in San Diego County, California, that one event is Cajon Classic Cruise.

Every year thousands of visitors from all over Southern California pour into EL Cajon to witness classic cars from around the world. Hosted by Downtown El Cajon Business Partners, the event takes place at the heart of Downtown El Cajon. With Sycuan Casino as the sponsor, the show has a history of displaying an array of classic vehicles and automobiles.

Every week from the month of April to the month of October, the town witnesses a themed event. Some of the ideas the car show has used in the past are American muscle cars, girls Night Out, Bike Night, Tribute to The Military and Charger Steve’s Stars Cars, etc. The event is free for all and is held between 5pm to 8pm every Wednesday. The premier event generally ends with the awarding of the best bikes and cars. One of the prominent cars shows in SoCal with over 80,000 visitors, the event makes use of four blocks of the Main Street in El Cajon.

The show is organized and run by Steve Lordigyan, popularly named Charger Steve. Lordigyan was engaged by the El Cajon merchants association. In 2015, Steve hosted the 200th show of the cruise. Steve says he has stuck with Cajon Classic Cruise since 2006, even though he has staged shows in other places like Sycuan Casino, Del Mar, and Pacific Beach, because of its personal viewing ethos.

The El Cajon event does not rope off cars or vehicles. The show allows a close-up view in order to cultivate appreciation and love in the younger generation. Through the Cajon Classic Cruise, the car-community in the city hopes that the next crop of car-lovers will carry on the tradition.

cajon classic cruise.
Cajon Classic Cruise

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