Folsom Police Take DUI Drivers Off The Street, Make One Drug Arrest

On Friday 23rd May, Folsom Police held a DUI checkpoint in Folsom, on Folsom-Auburn Road.

The checkpoint was funded by a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety, awarded to law enforcement agencies to combat drinking and driving.

In a letter to the editor, the American Beverage Institute opposed such checkpoints, saying they don’t work and the best way to stop DUI drivers is with roving patrols. [ Sobriety Checkpoint: Response to ‘Folsom Police To Conduct DUI Checkpoint’ ]

The DUI checkpoint has more benefits than just stopping DUI drivers. It also is good for PR, because it lets people know the police are on the job, actively working to take DUI drivers off the road. I heard several people say they appreciate the police running the checkpoint, even though they were inconvenienced. In addition, it reminds people they shouldn’t drink and drive. It may also make some people take a cab, or carpool with a non-drinker, rather than drive.

In this operation, there were added benefits. Three DUI arrests were made. Thirteen other people were tested for sobriety. The cool night air was probably very good for them. There was also one drug arrest, 22 Driver License checks, and seven people were found to be driving on revoked or suspended licenses. A total of 10 vehicles were towed away and five of those were impounded for 30 days.

A total of 810 vehicles drove through the checkpoint. The checkpoint resulted in the following arrests or citations:

Vehicles Screened

Field Sobriety Tests Administered

DUI arrests

Vehicle Stops

Drug Arrests

Citations Issued

DL Checks

Suspended / Revoked Drivers

Vehicles Towed

Vehicles Impounded (30) Day











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Folsom Police To Conduct DUI Checkpoint

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